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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wondering about the EV and what ever became of the nano carbon capacitor.

Since I was talking yesterday about how much gasoline I saved by working from my home, I started wondering about a couple of other things. One thing that jumped into my mind was the EV or electric vehicle. They are becoming very popular especially with alternative fuel people and those who worry about carbon emissions. I have to agree, that it is an alternative fuel but disagree on the carbon emissions part. Yeah, I know that it runs down the road without a smoking tailpipe, but did you ever think what happens when it needs charged?

If one drives to work any distance, it would have to be charged during the day. If you had to travel any long distance, it would have to be charged during the day. Especially in peak usage hours, there are more coal fired power plants on line and more carbon emissions would be released by charging the EV’s batteries than would be if it were gasoline powered. Of course during the night would be a much better time to charge the EV when more alternate power, like nuclear, are producing the most power. I think that sixbears and his veggie oil diesels would be better.

I was excited back when some local people (near The Woodlands) came up with nano carbon tubes that could be used to make super capacitors. These super capacitors could be used to replace batteries. The huge advantage is the instant recharging. I would have thought that by now all batteries would be made from carbon nanotubes. Maybe it was too expensive, but if they could replace all the batteries, just think how big a market that would be. You would think that such a big volume would keep the costs down. Who knows, not me.

You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. I think those electric vehicles are being pushed on people. But in Texas where everyone drives miles and miles just for a 6-pack, I can't see them working out too well.
    I drive a Toyota Prius Hybrid Electric. Runs on battery till it needs more power to pass or whatever, then kicks in the gas engine. I looked yesterday and on the current tank refill of unleaded so far (50 miles) I'm getting 46mpg. Overall mileage is lower in winter cause the gas engine has to run to make hot water of the cabin heater. On a long trip, say like to Terlingua, I'll average about 50 mpg down and back.

    and YES, I'll buy another one when this one needs replacing.

  2. We have been talking about energy since the 70's and we only increase our useage. These new cars, 1. getting them fixed. car dealer make us all crazy. 2. How often do you need new batteries and where do the old ones go? As a country we need to figure out a REAL recycling program. Our local garbage company has been fined for dumping recycle collections in the landfill. It costs to much for them to send them on to be recycled.
    I drive a Yukon XL and love it. I only drive 10 miles to work. It's paid for so gas prices don't worry me to much. I don't want a car payment! As for the Renfrew Spring, not sure of it's status but I know once in a while local srings will have sign's posted that the water may not be safe to drink. Being so close to the surface it is subjected to changes on the surface level. Back to fuels, I think real change will only happen when prices become to much for people. Money will be the catalyst for real change.

  3. Ben, dang you get better millage than I did on my old motorcycle, but the motorcycle is more fun. Can the Prius be pulled on all fours?

    Jill, thanks for the info and isn't nice not having a car payment? Have fun with your art the next few days.

  4. I agree with what ya say bout the Electric cars and carbon emissions. With mileage like Ben is talk'n bout, it sounds like a good deal an' everybody might oughtta go out and buy one. But then, like you was say'n, ya gotta charge it back up every 14 mile or so and that take a ton of coal....just like that. Then when ya go to pay your electric bill.....boy howdy, ya ain't save a dime. Be my car, I would yank them carbon produc'n batteries and that little 2 cylinder motor out it and put me a big ol' super charge 350 Chevylay in there. Git 20 mile a gallon an' pass everything on the highway. Uh huh...boy howdy.

  5. Dizzy,yes, there is a way to tow it wheels down but I never seriously looked into how that is done.Next time I see ya, I'll let you drive it and play with it.:-)

  6. You bring up an honest point, but I think the balance is still on the side of the EV. Consider this. The overall effecientcy of a gasoline powered car from fuel tank to road is about 15%. That's pretty sad. Chemically speak, diesels is even worse, because the amount of cemical energy in the fuel is about 10 times that of gasoline.

    Compare this to an EV, which has an effecientcy from plug to road of about 90%, and a typical coal plant which has an effecientcy of 35%. As much as I hate nuclear, it's still the primary form of energy production in our area, and those have much better emission records.

    Finally, even those hippy conversions from the 70s could do more like 40 miles on a charge. Not great, but that is the daily commute for something like 90% of the population of the country. Modern cars like the Tesla Model S start at 160 miles. That may be an expensive luxery car, but still, its a sign of the technology.

  7. Within the last week or so a home burnt down and the family escaped without injury. It is thaught that the charging station for their new EV is what caused the fire. They have not made that final determination yet. Duke energy, Ford Motor Company and the fire dept are investigating.

  8. That house fire was in Charlotte, NC

  9. i get about 22 mph... lololol,,,never had a vehicle that got any better either. just the motorcycles.

  10. Yep Billy-Bob, let’s burn up all that gasoline and diesel while we can. They are coming up with a lot of new ways of making fuel, even got bacteria that will produce it.

    Ben, since I like to go driven around the Arizona desert look’n for gold, I need a four wheel drive and 4x4’s can be towed easily.

    Grant, I even saw a video of one souped up to do drag racing. Electric motors are very quick off the line.

    Lou, fires starting in vehicles are common and if parked in an attached garage, can burn down the house. All start from an electric short whether gas or electric motors.

    Trouble, the last motorcycle that I had only got 20 mpg or less depending on how I rode it. But there wasn’t a ramp on to a freeway that I couldn’t get over a hundred mph. . .