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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wondering,"was that thunder I heard?" and other things.

My county had severe thunderstorm warnings posted last night. And they must have been right, because the lightning was bright and the thunder was loud. We even got some gusty winds, but, but , but, NO RAIN!!! It was so close I could taste it, well, maybe just smell it. Hey, I did see the lightning and hear the thunder. As loud as the thunder was, it had to have been within a couple of miles from here, all to my north.

You do know that it takes sound an average of almost four and three quarters (4.75) seconds to travel a mile. To make things simpler, just figure on 5 seconds per mile. When you see the flash, start counting 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, 1005, etc until you hear the crash of thunder. That will give you an estimate of how far away the lightning strike was. This is not accurate, but will give you a pretty good idea of how far away the storm is. Keep checking the time between flashes and sounds and you can also determine if the storm is moving toward you or away.

Yes, I know you are getting sick of me talking about not having any rain, especially when some of you are getting flooded. So, being a nice and a sensitive man, I will change the subject. Let me see, what should I wonder about now? ? ?

OK, how about this. Could they arrest someone for attempted murder if they failed at their own suicide? No, I am not thinking of suicide, especially not for me. I bet there is no loop-hole in the law to exclude attempted suicide from the charge of attempted murder. Anybody out there with a law background care to comment or answer my question?

Heck, there is a bushel full of laws out there where “Big Brother” tries to protect us from ourselves. Don’t get me started on that subject, you may not like what I have to say and it raises my blood pressure to very dangerous levels. It seems to me that just to prove that they did something, politicians just have to create stupid and obsessive laws to take care of their constituents, because they believe them to be too stupid to take care of themselves. Guess maybe they are, since they elected the people who make the laws.

Enough said, don’t want to ruin a beautiful bright day with clear blue skies.

You all have a nice day now, you hear?


  1. Forty miles from here it is flooding but it is so dry here the weeds we call grass is not growing. At least I am not wearing my worn out lawnmower out. Thirty percent change of rain today but if I can tear my bicycle from the clutches of the Fleas I going for a ride (I'm out of wine) to test that prediction before taking them on again (so to speak).

  2. Here, we've gotten enough rain that they lifted the burn ban,BUT summer ain't here yet.

    About your strange laws. I "think" if you attempt suicide and fail,they can charge you with attempted murder. Have to look it up, but pretty sure that's right.

  3. I even went outside last night about 2:AM because of the thunder! I just knew that rain was coming...but no such luck!

    Now my garden is paying the price, between the wind and the heat! I'm really trying to keep it alive!

  4. I hear thunder around here all the time. At night and during the day. Problem is that its coming from the B-1 and B-52 bombers strafing me instead of from the clouds.

    I guess if a person decided to murder themselves then they better do it right the first time. I'd imaging sitting in prison for attempted murder would remove all thoughts of one killing themselves don't you? Errr... Maybe it would make them want to try again even more? Reckon if they failed again they would call them an Attempted Serial Killer?

  5. Oldfool, glad the floods have left you alone, but hope you get a little rain for the grass. Sure hope you win the war with the fleas. Is the wine for the fleas? Are you trying to win their confidence and then “POW” finish them off?

    Ben, I have given up on rain. Don’t want any bad storms. Those that went past me by a couple miles had 3” and 4” hail and at least one reported tornado. Think I will just stay dry. About the attempted suicide, I have never heard of anyone being tried or convicted of attempted murder for it. But I bet they could, right?

    Hermit, it may have been a good thing that it missed us both.

    David, I like that part about the Attempted Serial Killer. Got me laughing.

  6. I heard that planting Penny Royal will keep fleas at bay. There are probably other plants recommended for bug control, too.

    Very fortunate here, we don't seem to have fleas, but every animal on this place for the last several years has been on Revolution, so maybe we killed them all off!

    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny, TX

  7. Penny, our home and our pets seem to be flea free since we do the monthly medicine thing. Only problem is all the wildlife that gets in or near the dogs' yard.

  8. From Guide To Texas Law

    Suicide is defined as taking one's own life. Suicide and attempted suicide no longer are crimes in Texas. However, it is a crime to intentionally aid or attempt to aid another person to commit suicide. If the assisted suicide is successful, or if it causes serious bodily injury, the crime is a state jail felony; otherwise it is a Class C misdemeanor.