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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wondering, is it still Spring Time?

It was 96 degrees yesterday and it was 74 degrees this morning. It is suppose to be about the same today. The trees have been in full foliage for almost three months. It feels more like summer than spring. Mother Nature is trying to trick us into thinking it is mid summer. But, not all are fooled. Sunday, I looked out in the dogs’ fenced in back yard and saw a pond turtle digging a hole and preparing to lay eggs. Somehow, she must know that it is still spring time and a time for rebirth and new birth.

OK, how did she get in that fence? Our local wildlife seem quite adept at getting into the dogs’ yard. There always seems to be this one big old fat bunny rabbit that gets in there. When the dogs go out, it looks like she just runs through the fence. Except for one time when she (or he) got trapped in a corner when the dogs went out. It took it three attempts but it finally jumped over the three foot fence. I would have thought that impossible.

After closer inspection of where the rabbit seemed run through the fence, I found a spot in the fence where it had been stretched apart some. Not enough for the dogs to get through, but just enough for the rabbit. The departed pig probably made that defect in the fence, along with a lot of other ones.

OK, back to the turtle.  Here is picture of her:

I picked her up and put her on the outside of the fence. Looked later, and she was gone. They seem to travel a long way from the ponds. I have seen snapping turtles a long way from water. Guess they like to travel, too. And they are the original RVers; they have their house on their back.

Got to run, it seems that my customer’s customer liked my approval drawing. That means I have to go ahead and do the fabrication drawings.

You all have a good day now, you hear?


  1. Location, location, location. I had frost on my roof yesterday. In northern NH, spring feels like your winter.

  2. I agree with Sixbears. We had a long pleasant protracted spring time here on the west gulf coast of northern Florida.

  3. Neat ole turtle. For a few years I had a red eared Box Turtle come up and lay eggs. Never saw any evidence of hatching,but it was neat. Haven't seen her in a couple years.

  4. I like your observation about the turtle being an original RVer, with her house on her back!

  5. At my moms n dads house, in the back garden area, there was a turtle like urs, that crawled around that fence so long, it had a trail made. No one had been back there, so hadnt noticed it. We left the gage open.

  6. LOL @ "original RV'rs" It seems that Texas (as usual)has gone from winter right into summer with a couple of weeks of spring tossed in just to let you know what you are missing!

  7. Critters have a way of totally ignoring fences most of the time! Always seem to find a way in or out!

    Good deal on the plan approval!