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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Going to quit wishing for rain.

After seeing what happened to Joplin and other areas, I am going to quit wishing for rain. This drought we are having is much safer unless someone gets careless with fire. My heart aches for those people who were in the path of that storm.

It seems to me that the weather this year has been extreme. There has been no happy medium. It is either way too dry or flooding, no rain at all or tornadoes, hail, and heavy rains. It has been hotter in some areas and colder in others. One thing for sure, nothing ever stays the same.

It is so awesome, that the currents in the Pacific Ocean can affect the climate of nations. That little girl (El Nina) or that little boy (El Nino) sure can cause a lot of trouble. They seem to affect everything from jet stream location to the severity of heat and storms. It is a “snow ball rolling down the hill” affect. The different changes in the Pacific currents trigger the start of the snow ball’s journey. If other conditions are right, some strange and terrible weather can occur. On the other hand, with all the droughts, fires, floods, storms, etc., maybe God is trying to tell us something; a warning, maybe?

OK, enough on the weather. I got my rush job done on time. Didn’t hear anything back, so it must have been OK. I will not know for sure until the parts are burned out and welded together. Then it will be too late. I hate rush jobs, they don’t give you the time to double check things.

You all have a good day now, you hear? Stay safe if any bad weather is in your area. It is another nice day here.


  1. DD, I guess it doesn't matter much which weather extreme gets you if you happen to be a victim of it. Perhaps a tornado might be better than a fire if it takes you out real quick, but outside of that you're likely to be gone one way or the other whether its by burning, being beat to death with hail or debris, drowning or what ever. Its all bad business and I hope it doesn't get worse on any count.

  2. David, I said that I reall like the desert. Maybe I shouldn't have said that, cause it may come my way (grin). But I am doing much better than other parts of the country, so will not complain.

  3. Be careful what you wish for.

    We are getting the very far edge of those storms all the way out in Northern NH. Monster weather conditions right across the country.

    Really feel for those suffering.

    Sometimes the only prep one can do is get the heck out of the way.

  4. Sixbears, you got that right. Duck and cover is not enough, sometimes you got run like heck!!!

  5. Dizzy , about your wanting rain. Like the saying goes. Be careful what you wish for.

  6. Yep Ben, that is why I am keeping my mouth shut from now on.