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Friday, May 20, 2011

A little fuel for the doomsday predictors

I know that someday doomsday will arrive, but I also believe that it will come “as a thief in the night”. It will probably come when least expected. But, there are people who are sure they know when this day will be upon us. These people use signs of the times, celestial signs, or what the voices in their heads are telling them. I for one believe it is getting close. Heck, that is a safe assumption, since every day that goes by brings it closer and closer, right?

One of the things that bring the predictors of eminent demise out of the shadows and into the news is alignment of celestial bodies. No, I don’t mean the chorus line in Los Vegas; I mean the alignment of planets. Am I missing something? I haven’t heard any thing about the end is here on the news or anywhere. There is something happening the first three weeks of this month that should have them yelling at the top of their lungs.

Since poor old Pluto was demoted form planet status, we are now left with eight planets. Subtract earth and we have seven planets sharing our Sun. In the news letter that Astronomy magazine sent to me by email, it said that six of these seven planets could be seen close to each other just before dawn the first three weeks of this month and that on the eleventh they were the closest together. (Of course only four could be seen without optical aid.)

Now, with all this going on I have not heard any frantic statements of the end. Maybe they were not lined up in just the right way? Or is it that planet alignments have been proven to do no harm in the past? And why should they? A bird flying overhead would have more of a gravitational affect on the earth than any alignment of the planets. The only bad thing is that you had to get up before the sun to see them. I can’t see anywhere near the horizon to the east because of all the tall trees so I just stayed in bed.

Well, tomorrow is the last day of the first three weeks and since the gathering of the planets was the tightest on the 11th, it is probably too late to get the best view. Well, I guess if doomsday isn’t coming today (but it might), I will go get a cup of coffee and maybe something to munch on.

You all have a good doomsday now, you hear?


  1. Doomsday..darn it I paid my bills...should have had a party.

  2. There will be lots of Doomsday parties and pranks.

  3. I am wondering what's gonna happen to all those who put the stickers on their cars. "Warning! In case of Rapture this vehicle will be unmanned!"

    If they are right there's gonna be a major traffic tie up on the freeways.. If they're wrong,none of them will ever admit it! :-)

    Tell ya What buddy, Don't hold your breath for the World as we know it ending when a couple of ole chunks of space ice and rocks line up!! It's happen before and all of us still here!!
    As for the Mayan prediction/calendar. It ended when it did, cause they couldn't fathom any number higher.

  4. Frann, I held off until the next to the last day; didn’t want anyone to worry about it (grin). Oh, go ahead and have the party anyway. Any excuse is good for a party.

    Sixbears, yes, and there has been a lot in the past. It is all in your perspective. The middle class in the US is looking at a doomsday and the middle class in China is looking at fabulous times.

    Ben, oh, those stickers will be right, but no one knows when. And isn’t strange, the Mayan calendar outlived the Mayans.

  5. I personally think the storm on Saturn is the alien doomsday machine gearing up. Soon it will fire a massive laser into the Sun, make it go supernova and fry us all to a crisp. But, I could be wrong <big grin>.

    Besides, I personally expect the industrialized world to implode on it's own economics long before any such worldwide doomsday scenario.

  6. As my best friend told me when Kennedy dared the Russians to cross that line,,,Do I get real religious, or go out and do everything I've always wanted to? We lived thru those 3 days of crisis, so bring it on,,,lol

  7. Grant, actually, I think it is the storm on Jupiter that is ready to shoot at us. Of course both planets have huge storms, so maybe they will team up and give us a double whammy. I agree with your last paragraph, for sure.

    Trouble, shoot, I am too old to worry about the end of the world. I do know that the end of me will not be too long a time from now.

  8. I'm still here and its Saturday morning, but hey!
    The day is young!
    Maybe I should have ice cream for breakfast, 'Just in case!'

  9. Ernest, Naw, I think I will wait until later. But maybe not, think I will join you. Let's see, the prediction was for the world to end today, and I heard one news guy say it would be 5:00 pm (6:00 pm your time). Will let you know tomorrow if it happens.