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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mimosa Trees

I have a lot of wild Mimosa trees growing on my place. They are a very beautiful and welcome sight when they bloom each year. They are blooming now and they are beautiful, except they are not quite as beautiful as they were last year. I, of course, am blaming it on the drought. One of my trees only has blooms on the top few branches and although the blooms are very pretty, they don’t seem to be quite as brilliant as they did last year.

Here is a picture that I took last Thursday:

And a closer look:

And even closer:

OK, now compare the same tree with one taken in the spring of 2009, doesn’t it look so much brighter?

If I would have taken a picture this year of the entire tree, you would see that the bottom half looks mostly dead. I sure hope it comes back. It died off a few years ago and came back, but it took awhile.

I did a painting back a year or so of one of my mimosa trees. Maybe I should do another one; they are a really nice subject for painting. Well, not this morning. Yep, you guessed it, am going to take my wife and go off to the flea market.

You all have a good day now, you hear?


  1. Mine is blooming, finally as well. and yea, the blooms aren't as big as usual, but I'm hopeful they get some more rain soon and pop on out.
    They sure smell good don't they?

  2. Certainly pretty to look at! I don't have one here, but some of the neighbors do...!

  3. Ben, you have had a lot more rain than I have had. Only less than a half inch on Thursday, the first day it rained this year.

    Hermin, thanks for stopping by and yes, they are pretty.

  4. Dizz pick out one of the mimosa and cut it way back this fall an it will fillout lot more dense.

  5. I like Mimosa the drink..mint, lime and rum..

  6. Ted, thanks for the advice, I will try that.

    Frann, that would have to be mint, lime, and tonic water for me.

  7. It's nice to see that it's spring somewhere. This Chicago weather is driving me crazy! About a week and a half ago, it jumped up to the 90's, and then after a few days, it dropped back to the 40s for a week. We even had a FROST ADVISORY for last night! No wonder people seem to like Texas. I'm definitely on the wrong side of the country.