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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wondering about a couple of words.

OK, I have gone on and on before about the problems I (and others) have about the English language. I have a mathematical mind and want everything to follow set rules, but English has more exceptions than it has rules. I wrote a blog post in the past explaining that. Here is a link to that old post; you may enjoy reading it again:


Now, let us get back to today’s post. I have told you in the past that I love blue-grass music and especially gospel bluegrass. The other day I was listening to Ricky Skaggs and the Whites singing “Farther Away”. There is something about that song that is haunting and it seems to keep playing over and over in my head. So, I decided to go to the internet and print out the words, so that I could also sing it instead of just picking out the melody on the guitar. Of course, you guessed it; I did find it but also found that there seems to be different variations of the lyrics. They are close, so I guess I will pick the one I feel most comfortable with.

I just went a long way around just to complain about two words in the English language. The only difference I can see in these two words is one uses an “a” and the other uses “u” instead. The two words are farther and further. They mean the same thing. “Further” is older and my big old Webster’s New World College Dictionary says that “farther is more commonly used”. So why do we have two words that mean the same and are spelled almost the same, except for one letter?

I guess it is just another way of confusing me. It doesn’t take a whole lot to get me confused, especially in the use of the English language. My mind is not good with any language, even the only one that I know. Know? OK, I admit, I don’t know the whole English language, but only enough to get by on. Or is that buy??? Now, Ernest, you know why I have trouble with Morse code, it is just another language.

Even though my head is now spinning, I want you all have a nice day now, you hear?


  1. Dizzy ,you said "I want you all have a nice day now, you hear?" is that Nice as in comfortable, easy day or you want us all to go to NICE Italy?. :-) ( neece pronounching)

  2. Actually Dizzy, there is another way to spell farther/further. It all depends where ya come from. Down deep south it would be spelled furtha...or in Louisiana something like father. You know what I'm talk'n bout.

  3. Dizz I'm still having trouble with the word (FEAR).you can put so many handles on that word that it's unbelievable .Fear to me is like the word UP,Now how many uses can you find for that word.Don't you fear that your going to get caught up in the fear of being caught up in fear.

  4. I still think about John Well not having any for 7 months that's a long time to go with out any.Maybe it has something to do with where he lives.Rain sure makes a difference

  5. I have been a blue-grass fan since birth although at the time it wasn't called blue-grass yet.
    It seems strange to me that as a confirmed pagan and devout atheist I have such a love for gospel music. I probably comes from singing in the Baptist church as a child. I even have a Broadman Hymnal. Now I don't believe a word of it and I don't sing worth a crap now but I find that music very satisfying and it is my favorite vocal music. I have to be careful not to get into a discussion of content from the "Praise the Lord" crowd.
    As for the English language I know absolutely nothing about it which is a pity since it is the language I try to mis-communicate with.

  6. How about setting or is that sitting on a tree root while rooting for the home team while they run around the bases and score a few runs. Must a been some damn or is that dam yankee thet designed this way of talking, sure went out of his way to confuse some of us.

  7. Does it tell my age cause i spell it further? hahahaha,,,

  8. Ben, or is it be nice? OK, have a good day.

    BB, yes I know what you are talking about. Heard a lot of variation, since I lived in a lot of different states and had to learn the language all over again with each move.

    Ted, fear of getting caught up in fear is the worst. I only got one rain this year and it wasn’t much.

    Oldfool, I have a satellite radio because I couldn’t get blue-grass music on the over the air stations. It is glued on the blue-grass station and never moves. Except a week ago when the channel number changed and the BG station is now 61. Can’t get enough of it. My favorite CD is “Walking Down The Line” by James Alan Shelton. Of course I watch RFDTV and they have some blue-grass shows.

    Bob, yep, you could write a book with all the words that sound the same or mean the same and spelled different or . . you get the idea. Dang, maybe that book is the dictionary. If I write one it will be the dizzydicktionary.

    Trouble, the part of the country I was raised in uses “further” the most. So, I tend to do that also.

  9. There is so much we do not know that when I hear someone say that they are a devout atheist I think what a fool.With that said I do understand that is what he believes.Now what I believe is this God is so complex that there is not a person on this earth that can truly comprehend GOD.You can not put a face on God .But you look at the universe an all that is in it you got to say oh my GOD.

  10. I've always wondered about spelling. My theory on some words is the accent they originate from.

    For example. Americans spell the shortened version of mother, mom. Australians spell it mum. When Americans pronounce the word mom, it sounds like the way it's spelt. In Australia, the u has more prominence.

    I haven't figured out yet why we spell colour with a "U" and not like Americans who spell it without the "U" (color).

    I havent figured out why Wednesday is spelt the way it is.

    I have often wondered how languages even developed (I know the bible stories). However, by developed, I mean how English today isn't the same as it was 200 years ago, or 100 years ago for that matter. Language evolves too.

  11. When I saw you quote the name of the song, my first thought was 'I think that's spelled FURTHER'. :)