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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Flea Market Day; Let’s Try Something New.

I think I will try something new today. I read Ben’s blog, An Older Texan Remembers, and he keeps updating his blog throughout the day and I think that I will try that. Let’s see how it goes today.

Since I had a bad night, I am a little late getting up. My male dog thinks one of the females is in heat. That can’t be, cause they have be “fixed”, but he hasn’t. This happens every time we have the dogs groomed. We are thinking that it may have something to do with the groomer squeezing the anal glands to clear them out. Or maybe he is just clutching at straws and hoping, hoping, hoping. . . Anyway, the female was the first to want out of the bedroom, so I obliged. It only took an hour or so for the male to decide he didn’t need to sleep as much as he wanted to be with her. This went on for a couple of hours until I finally let him out of the room. I then got a couple of hours of restful sleep and got up a little later than normal.

I am still working on the model for my customer. The minor details, like hardware, latches, gas springs, hinges, rivet-nuts, etc. take up more time than designing the whole rest of the model. Some vendors supply 3D solid electronic files of some of their products, but it just so happened that none of the ones I had to use on this project were available that way. I had to take the very few dimensions that were given and try to make my own models. It took some “by guess and by golly” to get a fair likeness. I will have to wait until the parts come in to get some of the mounting information.

OK, got to start getting ready to go to the flea market. Be back later.


OK, I'm back but it is a lot longer than I planned.  Things just were not coming together with my work and on weekends there is no one to verify anything.  Therefore, I will do it my way and if they want it changed again, so be it.  Also got a phone call from my cousin and we talked from 15:30 until after 17:00.

Had to have my eggs and boudin sausage for supper, now I feel better.

Yesterday I discovered my right rear side window was down about 8 inches when I was getting in to go to Wal-Mart.  Was wondering if someone had tried to break in but the electric motor just went bababababa when I hit the switch.  Why would that window go bad?  I have only put it up and down a couple of times at the most.  My drivers side window is the one that gets most of the action.  Oh well, got an appointment for Monday to get it looked at.  Always something.

Not too many at the flea market today, so I am sure my wife will want to go back tomorrow.

BTW, we had a plane crash at our local air port today.  The two occupants were killed and the crash in the woods started a fire when the plane exploded.  Quick response and cutting a path around about a square mile of land stopped the fire from getting out of control.  We still have not had any rain here this year.

Have a good evening.


  1. My mind takes a good while to get to functioning, so that ,,,bbl,,,works great. Good for u.

  2. I.used.to.know.how.to.draw.things.with.autocad

  3. You ain't got those dogs trained YET? Shame on you. :-)
    And don't you just love last minute changes on a job?

    Like I told you last time , leave your wallet at home when you got to flea market. ( I passed two big ole church flea market thingies :-) :-)

  4. Trouble, I think I do better if I do it all at one time. My mind wonders too much.

    Frann, I find uses for AutoCAD and Inventor in all parts of my life. I make cards, calenders, insert pictures and size them and arraange them in interesting designs, etc. Love Acad.

    Ben, Those dogs train me, not the other way around. I just bought my lotto tickets.