Wondering about wild grapes

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wondering where everyone went.

Hey, where is everyone??? OK, my mind is in a daze, I actually slept in this morning. About 23:00 last nigh, two of three dogs wanted out of the bedroom and went to the other parts of the house. The third one doesn’t mind sleeping in, so I slept in, too. OK, now that I am awake, is there anyone left on earth after the “end” yesterday?

It just makes me sad that I missed the rapture and am left behind. Guess it is too late to "change my evil ways", right? Looks like I'm not the only one, so that confirms my suspicion that the whole world has gone to hell (grin). Well, since we are all still here, I guess we will all go back to our old routines.

Still no rain here. There has been rain close by but faded away before it got to us. This has got to be the worst drought that I have ever seen here. Its affects are not as bad as they could have been if it had started during the summer instead of the winter. Of course, if it continues for much longer, it will be really bad, especially for the farmers and ranchers. No grass means they must purchase hay from somewhere else. Of course, that somewhere else may be under water. Dang, draw a line through the center of Louisiana and to the west it is drought and to the right it is floods. No happy medium anywhere.

Maybe this “end of the world” doesn’t just happen in one day, but takes a little time (grin).

You all have a good day now, you hear?


  1. I think everyone I worry about is still here, so I thing we are good to go!

    Wonder what is next on the agenda for all the "mad prophets?"

  2. That would be 12-12-2012, of course.

  3. I tell ya what , you wannta know when the World will end? Just Ask Him who created it all. If you listen close I betcha you hear a chuckle at the very least. :-)

    Personally I have always interpreted that as a personal thing, The World (as we know it now ) ends for each of us when we die!

  4. Sixbears, nah, I think there are still some saints left.

    Hermit, Just listening to the evening news makes me wonder if the end is near.

    Grant, That is as good a date as any.

    Ben, there are as many thoughts on that matter as there are people.

  5. No mater when the end comes, you can bet that there will be bus loads of reporters on hand to tell us all about it. Wonder how many of them's last words will be, oh,....hell!