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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Think I got took.

As you all know, who read this simple blog, is that my wife and I go to the flea market on the weekends. This weekend was no different, except for one thing; I think I got took. Well maybe that is not good choice of words. Maybe I should explain.

I was walking along carrying a bag of some things my wife purchased. She stopped at this one table to look at things and I noticed a strange looking small telescope lying on top of a black nylon bag. I did not recognize it and had never seen one that looked like it. I picked it up and it was light weight. That was not a good sign, but since the tube was a lot shorter than any of my small scopes, I just sort of put it off as to the shortness of the tube. This also meant that it would be a “fast” scope with a low F number. I thought about and decided to pass on it. Since it was only $10.00, my wife said to go ahead and get it because the bag was worth almost that much. I figured that I could at least salvage something from the unit and for ten bucks, what the heck.

Last night I got the bag out and started to unpack it. It had a really weak tripod and to make matters worse, one leg was broke off. OK, so far junk. Had no way of mounting it, so could not tell if the optics work. This morning, I put a large diameter (low power) eyepiece in it and sat in my desk chair and cradled the telescope tube in my arms and braced my arms on the arm rests. Trying to hold it as still as possible, I then pointed it out of the window. To my pleasant surprise I saw green leaves from the trees along my driveway. Well, at least it works. The quality is not good, but after looking it up on the internet, I now know why. It is an Edu Science brand and that is what Toys-R-Us sells. I have not been in that store for decades and didn’t recognize the brand name. If I had, I would have not purchased it, not even for less money.

Oh well, maybe I can figure out what do with it or too it. Maybe I am spoiled, but I would think if some loving parent bought this unit for their children that the kids would not grow up to be astronomers, for sure. I believe, as far as astronomy is concerned, the first look into deep space for children (or anyone) should be a quality look. After they get hooked on the awesome beauty and grandeur of our universe, then they can use cheap equipment, if they so desire. Of course the opposite is usually the case; especially wanting better and better equipment. Gee, I am thinking it would be really nice to have my own space telescope, maybe like the Hubble Space Telescope. OK, since Ben said that there were no winners for the Texas Lottery, I guess I have to wait until next Wednesday. . .

You all keep on enjoying your holiday weekend, you hear?


  1. Sorry bout your "treasure" find at the flea market. Can you possibbly take it apart and make use of the lens in another application?

  2. You got took. It's a shame that kids are supposed to enjoy something but only get crap stuff as their intro into something that should be special.

  3. Ben, I may try to rig up some kind of mount so that I can see just how good or bad its optics are. The eyepieces are of very low quality, although they are a standard size and would fit in other scopes, would not want to use them.

    Sixbears, the most important part of a telescope system made for celestial use, is the mount and support. You will never be able to use one with a flimsy tripod; the slightest wind would cause you to loose the view.

  4. So, if I win the lottery, I'll buy you a Hubble-like telescope. Ok? Next best thing is to hightail it to your local university. I can almost guarantee that there is a Physics professor who is itching to tell the story of space to a willing listener, and that said Physics professor has a fantastic scope tucked away somewhere and would love to share the view.

    I hate that somebody did that, even if the loss is only $10. It's just not the way to do business. Did you happen to see this week's "Antiques Roadshow?" A guy bought a "vintage" weathervane for $17,500 that is actually worth $500 on a very good day. The vane had been purposely made to look old. Sad.

  5. Ginger, not to worry, I have three other telescopes to use, one being very large. If you didn't see my blogs on it here is a link to one of them:

  6. Find a kid to give it to. Could be the next Carl Sagan

  7. You win some and you lose some.
    Even with new stuff.
    Especially if it came from China.
    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny, TX