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Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Sky is Falling

The sky is falling, the sky is falling!! OH, is that raindrops? Dang, I haven’t seen any of those this year, is that what they look like? Didn’t get much, around a tenth of an inch but they are predicting storms for later today. So far it has just been teasing us with a little sprinkle now and then, off and on, etc. I am not going to complain, we did get a preview of what a real rain shower would look like. Guess Mother Nature didn’t want to surprise with a lot of rain right off, so has decided to ease us into it.

The only trouble is, the weather man is predicting high winds and hail with the storm front we hope comes through here. Also, there is a chance of tornadoes. Hey, this is Texas, so there is always a chance of tornadoes. Anyway, I do hope we get a goodly amount of that strange wet stuff from the sky.

I hope to finish up my “paying” job today. So am going to get at it.

You all have a good day now, you hear?


  1. What a way to start the day, Lying about getting rain!! Shame on you! You know dang good and well, that you are in a drought!!! Don't get no rain in a drought.

    AND you working too much!! whatsamatta U?

  2. Starting Saturday, I'm looking at a solid week of rain. The rivers are already high here and the spring flooding has just started to subside a bit. Our climate has turned a lot wetter than it used to be. I've started calling it the New England rain forest.

  3. No rain in Terlingua since late August!! We did get a sprinkle about a week ago...Send it this way!

  4. Ben, the storm is going to hit here just before 14:00, so it looks like we will be getting a rain. And the job is done, I think. . .

    Sixbears, The el ninia or ninio which ever it is this year, is causing some strange weather patterns. Too much rain is worse than not enough. Are you growing webs between your toes yet?

    Frann, Dang, it looks like it came from your way. We had a dry winter and no rain until yester this year. For an area that gets 5 feet a year, this has been bad.

  5. Didn't get much, but I appreciated what we did get!

    The garden really liked it!