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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Answers to Comments.

Since I am so busy on my paying job project, I have had little time for keeping up with the blogs. Before I get back to work this morning, I thought that I would answer yesterday’s comments on today’s blog.

Sixbears said. . . Location, location, location. I had frost on my foof yesterday. In northern NH, spring feels like your winter.

You sure have a point there, except this year it seems that everyone has been having crazy weather that is not normal. Yesterday tied or broke (depending on your location around here) the high temperature record for that date and today is suppose to do the same thing. And no rain this year, we normally would have had a couple of feet.

Ernest said. . . I agree with Sixbears. We had a long pleasant protracted spring time here on the west gulf coast of northern Florida.

You both are right, location (especially this year) either gave you normal weather, floods, tornadoes, or drought. Of course my cousin who lives near Ft. Myers tells me that his area is heaven on earth.

Ben in Texas said. . . Neat ole turtle. For a few years I had a red eared Box Turtle come up and lay eggs. Never saw any evidence of hatching, but it was neat. Haven’t seen her in a couple years.

Yep Ben, I have seen lots of turtles digging holes to lay eggs and have never seen any hatch. There are a lot of predators out there that will dig them up for breakfast.  Of course they could have hatched and returned to the swamp without me knowing about it.  I have found empty eggs, which are very soft.

Gypsy said. . . I like your observation about the turtle being an original RVer, with her house on her back.

Thanks Gypsy, there are a lot of other animals that fit that also fit that description, like snails, clams, etc. But the one that trades its “RV” in every so often is the Hermit Crab.

TROUBLEnTX said. . . AT my moms n dads house, in the back garden area, there was a turtle like urs, that crawled around that fence so long it had a trail made. No one had been back there, so hadn’t noticed it. We left the gate open.

Yep Trouble, some times a wire fence is flared in one direction and animals can get in but not out. Did you ever check and see if it found the open gate or maybe it got used to the staying on the path.

SciFiChick said. . . LOL@ “original RVrs” It seems that Texas (as usual) has gove from winter right into summer with a couple of weeks of spring tossed in just to let you know what you are missing!

SciFi, you are right. Around here, if you blink, you might miss a season, except for summer, that is (grin). Actually, we have had a very pleasant spring and a long one this year,. Just didn’t rain.

HemitJim said. . . Critters have a way of totally ignoring fences most of the time! Always seem to find a way in or out!

Well Jim, I actually lifted this ole gal up and placed her on the other side. She tried to keep on digging there but didn’t seem to like that location, so slowly wandered off. There have been a wide variety of sizes and kinds of animals inside the dogs’ fenced in yard. You are right, they sure do ignore fences!

I got to get back to work, so you all have a great day, you hear?


  1. of course, i checked on the turtle, n yes, it musta found the gate, it disappeared. going around the fence, it had to find the gate.

  2. OK, Dizzy ,it's after 6 PM, Time to knock off for the day!
    BTW, I send some some rain your way. ya git it? I got right and inch and half, then sent the rain dancer dude down your way.. Hope he found you OK. :-)

  3. Trouble, maybe it just went aroung the outside of the fence after the gate was opened (grin)

    Ben, No, not yet, but the end is in sight. Thanks Ben, did get a sprinkle. It is suppose to storm here later today (Thrusday).