Wondering about wild grapes

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wondering about answering comments.

On my blog, I always try to answer any and all comments that are posted. I feel that if someone took the effort to comment about something I said, I should answer them, if, for nothing else, just to let them know I read their comment. I know a lot of you do that, also. The people who write a big percentage of the blogs that I follow do that, some others just answer now and then, and others never seem to answer. I do appreciate those of you who answer my comments on your blogs. I always go back and check if my comments have been answered. Sometimes I miss some. I apologize to those who I missed.

I feel a lot better today, but still not quite up to par. Of course par for me seems to be changing daily. Oh to be young and stupid again; but when I was young I didn’t think I was stupid!! Maybe I was the exception, right??? Yea, right. (grin) Last evening, my temperature had dropped to 101.2, so I started to feel somewhat better. I got a fair night’s sleep and now feel better than I have for the last 3 or 4 days. Things are looking up.

You all have a fine, healthy day today, you hear?


  1. First off , glad you feeling better. And about blog comments, I don't reply to all of them, Not that I don't read them, just too lazy I guess. :-)

  2. I reply to them all - like you, I feel if someone takes the time to comment, then the least I can do is reply.

    So Blogger problems of the past week have been frustrating - thank goodness I found out about Google Chrome - now I can answer all the comments again and just leave IE for all the other web browsing.

    Sorry to hear you haven't been well - we're currently starting our 'flu season here... We (RMan and I) got it early on in the season so hopefully we're set for the rest of winter.

  3. I'm glad to hear your coming out of it.

    I moved to Illinois from the Baltimore area in around Christmas of 2004, at the age of 24. Since then, I got some crazy sicknesses. About twice a year, I got hit with what would start out as a cold never leave, and eventually cause all the mucus to get infected in every part of my body. Each time would put me out for about a month, loose most of my hearing, and cause so much coughing that I would strain muscles in my thorax. It's gotten a lot better the past year or two, but I just can't shake feeling sick. I never was sick like this before. The docs tracked it partially to an extremely low amount of vitamine D in my system, due to the transition of location and environment (from well lit college campus, with lots of day walking, and time at home in front of sunny windows to cube farm engineer in a building with no natural light from sun up to sun down.

    Feel better.

  4. I try to answer all comments to, but probably miss one every now and then. Not ignoring the person that posted just get sidetracked I guess. Now you take o'l JW. Some times I try to answer questions posted on his blog because I figure he won't. ;)

  5. Ben, yep, me too. That was a fast illness, but plenty long enough. When you get our age, we have earned the right to get lazy. No offense, I know you are younger than I am.

    Dani, good for you on the replying. I have not had any problems as of yet when posting comments (knock on wood). I am better now, didn’t last long. Of course I could have a relapse. . .

    Grant, take some D3 supplements and get as much sun as possible. It is surprising how much vitamin D you can get with just a few minutes of sun. Where you live, I know it is hard to expose your body to the sun in the winter time. And I thank you for answering all my comments on your blog.

    David, yes I know you answer all comments and that is appreciated, even if and when we don’t agree

  6. I'm prescribing an 'awakening' drink of cider vinegar and manuka honey in hot water for you and then kiwifruit for breakfast...

  7. FT, vinegar and honey is what I put on my salads every day, and extra when I don't feel good. I would eat a kiwifruit if I had one. I am all better now, it didn't last long. I try to take care of myself.

  8. I looked on your other blog. eh? Who is the q-tip guy holding the white dog? And, I'm glad you are better.(and the kiwi looked good). He's my prescription. Watch this.....
    Now, don't you feel better, already?

  9. Michael, what other blog? If you mean my web-site, it is me. Ben in Texas gave me access to his old farts blog, but I never posted a picture of me holding a dog on it. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. I knew that. It was a joke. I like the ZZ Top look much better. Did you go to the video? You have to copy and paste on the browser. I will teach you how if you would like.

  11. Michael, Yea, I do too. That stake video looked good. I don't eat much red meat. Haven't had any for a long time. And I don't eat corn. I didn't say I didn't like it, in fact I may start thinking about getting a small stake. I always used mesquite mixed on top of a bed of oak coals.

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