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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Another new day in another new year.

I tried to go to bed before mid-night again, knowing better. It sounded like world war three around here last night. Actually it was going on all day, but kept building up till mid-night when it sounded like the whole earth exploded. Then it took almost an hour for it all to taper off.

One of my dogs is so very scared of anything that goes “bang” or “boom”. She must have lost a large percentage of her weight yesterday from shaking. I could not comfort her. She feels better this morning, but that is because all the neighbors are sleeping in. They will probably start up again, but not with as much gusto. It will taper off in a week or so.

The local news took a poll last night asking its viewers to call, email, or text whether they were afraid to go out on the roads on New Year’s Eve. I told my wife that the only ones watching this news cast are the ones staying at home and it would not be an accurate poll. Sure enough, it was 97 percent afraid to go out and 3 percent not afraid. What did I tell you?

Of course they may be right. How many humans got killed or injured in alcohol related traffic accidents last night? While I was talking to my Aunt on the phone last night, I noticed flashing red lights across the field in front of a neighbor’s house. I couldn’t tell from my house (even with binoculars) exactly where the emergency vehicles where parked nor what type they where. Was hoping that nothing happened to the neighbor or his home.

My wife and I decided to walk down to our front lot that gave us access to the road. This road is a narrow two lane paved road that for the first half mile or so has a 20 mph speed limit. There is a day care center across from my place and a lot of children live next to the road. We still couldn’t tell what was going on, but the road was blocked and there were lots of emergency vehicles with all kinds of lights going; red, yellow, and very bright spot lights, which made it hard to see what happened.

The neighbor next to my front lot was trying to catch his big dog that got loose in the confusion. I asked him what had happened and he said that there was a head on crash. I said at 20 mph it couldn’t have been too bad. He said it was more like 70 mph. There has been a young fellow in a Chevy pick-up truck that always speeds up and down this road. My neighbor said that it was that guy who hit another car head on and a few people were hurt bad. They had to cut the fellow out of the truck. I don’t know who all was involved. Maybe today I can find out some details. Hope no one died.

That was not a good way to end an old year nor to start a new one. I wonder how many more did the same? We don’t drink and do not go to New Year’s Eve parties, so usually stay at home. Am I scared to go out on that night? Scared ain’t the word, but I sure do feel safer here at home trying to keep my one dog from shaking to death. The other two dogs didn’t even seem to notice the noise. All three are the same breed and have had them all since they were puppies. All have been exposed to shooting, just the one is afraid of it.

I sure hope all of you out there and your friends and loved ones survived the night and woke up this morning bright eyed and bushy tailed. . . Happy New Year and may God bless us all.


  1. What you described as happening in front of your place is the exact reason I quit even leaving the house on NYE!!!

    Have a good year and maybe we can tie up some time this year..

  2. Well I hope everyone in the cars make it through. You never hear on the news about the people who do not get killed. Months or years of re-hab, pain for the families. I am sure the person who was on the wrong side of the road will be oh so sorry. Maybe the guy who was in the right lane doing the speed limit had had a few but was over .08 and may spend years in jail. It is all just such a waste.

  3. Yes Frann, it is a waste. We think that maybe some deserve an accident, but the problem is that they usually involve innocent victims, including passengers in their own vehicles. I would rather see the guy get a speeding ticket or his license taken away rather than for him to have had an accident that caused injuries.

  4. Always very sad to hear about accidents like that :o(
    My dog is spooked of gunshots and fireworks, too. She wasn't as a pup but about 2 yrs old decided she didn't like it.
    Hope you have a great year ahead...be happy, healthy and have all you need :o)))

  5. ezrablue, Yes, any accident is sad, but some should have been prevented. Sorry to hear about your dog being sensitve to gunshots, not at all pleasant for the dog or the one who loves him (or her).

    I hope you have a good year ahead and will you be doing much traveling in your bus? May I suggest you head south at the beginning of next winter. Not too late this year, you know.

  6. Happy New Year DD and to your lovely wife too...

  7. Hey FT, Glad you could drop by. Hope your new year will bring you great joy. Enjoy the new year, enjoy life.