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Friday, December 31, 2010

Wondering where the year went. . .

OK, where did the year go??? I didn’t get to do a lot of the things that I wanted to this past year. What!!, you say maybe I am getting old? Well, right, not sure if I would like the alternative. I have too many obligations that I need to take care of.

Only got to take one trip with the motorhome, other than just taking it in for inspection or driving it around to make sure everything still works. But the trip I did take was great, although it was not that far away, only a little over 650 miles one way, still in the State of Texas. We went to Terlingua and both my wife and I really enjoyed that area. The desert was in bloom in April and we also got to meet Billy-Bob and John Wells but just missed Ole Ben by less than an hour. Click here to see my blog about it. I want to go back again. Have to put that on my “want to do” list for 2011.

The other thing that stands out looking back over 2010 is that I had both my cataracts removed. Had a problem with the one, got inflamed and caused a lot of discomfort and additional medication, etc. It was well worth it and now I can see so much better, especially colors. An additional advantage is that I do not need to wear glasses while driving.

There were also a few sad things. My
wife’s mother passed away and I lost my best friend and secretary, Buttons.

Also, my Aunt, who is in her 90’s, fell and broke her hip. She had an operation that screwed the bones together. Not too long afterwards, the screws broke and now she needs a full hip replacement. Since she has a breathing problem, the doctors do not want to take the risk of the hip replacement surgery at this time. Will reconsider after the first of the year. We hope her all the best.

The only other major event or one that comes close to being major was that we got a new roof installed. After hurricane Ike and a couple of bad hail storms, it done went and bit the dust. Actually there was no dust, just leaks. Glad that got fixed.

Now, the most important thing (yea right) was that I started my world famous blog. Now don’t hurt yourselves doubled over laughing like that. Writing the blog gives an old man something to look forward to doing. I have had almost no paying work to do this year, but hoping next year will be . . . now wait a minute. I almost said that I wanted more work. Dang, it must be the first signs of dementia. . .


  1. You would be surprized how much extra time there is in the day without a television. If you get all caught up on your list you can help me with mine! Visit me next time your in the Big bend area..

  2. Keep up the postings. I am not the only one that enjoys them..

    I know you are smart enough to stay nice and safe inside your own safe house Tonight .


  3. Frann, would help you but my list gets bigger every year. And I would really like to visit you, maybe this Spring. Nice and warm here but still cold there, now.

    Ben, thanks for the nice comments. And yes, I have no plans to go anywhere.

  4. Your blog also gives other old men a lift by looking forward to reading it.

    I've been thinking about this past year here tonight and where I was a year ago and what I was doing at the time.

    I was still traveling around in my Airstream camper which was parked in a campground just the other side of the Steihnatchee river from where I am now. (in a condo)

    It became clear to me that my health had deteriorated to a point that I could no longer perform the chores required for a mobile life with a camper. I could do them but it was difficult.

    I sold the camper and gave up the vagabond life for a nice condo in a small, isolated, fishing village on the northwest corner of the Gulf of Mexico. (This is where Florida takes a hard left, near the state capital of Tallahassee, pun intended)

    I'm playing a keyboard istrument called the Melodeon, rather than my much neglected clarinet. I'm having fun with it too. I'm making good progress with the fingering on the keyboard which is entirely different than the clarinet.

    The sheet music reading skill is transferable but the fingering is not, LOL>

    So, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I hope to be good enough on the Melodeon to play in in church by the end of this year!

  5. Sounds like you have adapted to the stationary life. You would not have had room in the Airstream for a melodeon. It is a reed organ with foot peddles, right? Hope you have a great 2011.

  6. Happy New Year From Southern California.

    Don't forget to watch the 122nd Rose Parade on New Year's Day coming from Pasadena, California...only 30 miles from The Old Geezer's home :-)

    No matter what looms ahead, if you can eat today, enjoy today, mix good cheer with friends today enjoy it and bless God for it. ~Henry Ward Beecher

    May God Bless and Protect You in the Year to Come. ~Ron

  7. Thank you Old Geezer, and may God bless you and yours through another year.