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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wondering if this post should be for Ben

First off, let me suggest that you go to the UnitedOldFarts site. I posted my Christmas card to all the other "old farts" out there. Yeah, I know it is early, but being an old fart myself, if I put it off, I probably would forget about it. Maybe should have forgotten about it. Windy Bob made a post after mine, so look below his post for mine, titled Merry Christmas from and Old Fart. Ben, also added to the post.

OK, now for the blog. My ole buddy Ben lives up there near Dallas, so I figured that he may enjoy a little bit of Dallas history. Digging through some old boxes and piles of stuff, my wife found this old pamphlet bragging about Dallas back in 1936!!! Heck, that is even before my or Ben's time.

Here is a picture of the front cover:

This is just inside the front cover. Notice all that "Dallas has..."

And this last picture is inside the rear cover. It lists how Dallas ranked compared to other US cities back then, in 1936:
There are 16 pages, and it tells about Climate and Water, Entertainment, Recreation, Industry, Transportation, Communications, and much more. You don't think I am going to scan and post all 16 pages, do you?

OK Ben, hope you know more about old Dallas now then you did before you read my blog. That is, assuming you read my blog. . . .


  1. Thanks, Dizzy! :-) I've heard of Dallas but I don't go there, cause it's all fouled up !! Crazy nutzo drivers. A city council that should be jailed.
    Best good thing about Dallas is the multiply freeways OUT of town!! :-)

  2. When I lived in Jusin and worked in Dallas, I thought that Dallas was easy to get around in, at least compared to Houston. Of course Justin was the easiest back then, one road no traffic lights.

  3. Ben is just jealous because every one knows where Dallas is no one knows that Ft Worth is a city.

  4. I think that ol' Ben is just glad he lives OUTSIDE of any city!

    I wish I did! And I shall, someday!

  5. Hey Ted, I have to agree with HermiJim, would not want to live in any city.

    Hey Hermit, maybe you could buy my 12 acres and I could get a big RV and go full timing? Or maybe not. I got enough stuff that it would take a caravan of 18 wheelers for me to go full time'n :-)