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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wondering how you spell the name of that town.

I have some explaining and correcting to do. Yes, I seemed to have made a mistake on my blog yesterday. You heard right. OK, I will say it outright plain and simple, “I WAS WRONG”. Of course, regardless of what my wife says, this is the first time in my life that I have ever been wrong (grin).

Of course, like all the other probable times that I may have been slightly wrong, IT WASN’T MY FAULT!!!. I was lead astray. . .

Remember the link I gave to a Mapquest satellite map? OK, here it is again, go look at it to refresh your memory – CLICK HERE.

When it first comes up, there are two towns shown and named on it. Look down in the lower right hand corner. See that town shown there. See how it is spelled? It is spelled Philipston. Zoom in close and look how the road to it is spelled. Yep, it is spelled Phillipston Road. Now why would the town have only one “L” while the road is spelled with two?

It got me a wondering what the correct spelling is, so I did some research. I happen to be in possession of a copy of a pretty complete history of that town with old maps and pictures, etc. There is one picture taken way back many years ago of a large building serving as a post office and the name on it was spelled with only one “L”, Philipston.

This history also states that officially the towns name was changed in 1924 from Philipston to Phillipston. Now that should settle that, right? Then why does Mapquest think it is still pre 1924? I grew up always spelling it with two “L’s”, but knowing that spelling is one of my weakest endeavors, I figured that I could have been wrong all these years.

So, I stated in yesterdays blog that, (By the way, Philipston used to be spelled Phillipston, with two “L’s”.) and also used the old spelling through out my blog. I was WRONG. Sorry, but it was Mapquest’s fault, right?

My apologies to all who may have lost some sleep over this. . .


  1. Years ago I knew a man who spelled his first name as Phillip. This was contrary to the standard way of spelling, which was Philip. His reason was that he was born in the Phillipine Islands, and thus his parents took that spelling for his name.

    In the era of spell-check, there are fewer people who know or really care about correct spelling. I wonder if they even teach it in the schools these days or if like penmanship, it has gone the way of the dinosaur!

  2. I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.

  3. Gypsy, without a spell checker I am almost unreadable. Spelling has too many inconsistancies so that my mathamatical mind can not grasp. Sometimes my writing looks like those security words you have to type in the box to leave a comment.

    Sixbears, You, too? Glad I am not the only one.

  4. Everyone has the right to make one or two mistakes a year. Don't worry about! :-)


  5. Whew,I'm glad you got that all straightened out! Ha Ha.


  6. Just ask some Yankee some day how to pronounce that little ole Town in Texas over east of Waco ( ask em that one also. ) The town I was thinking of is Mexia

  7. Old Geezer, Hey, that is good to know. That means I better hurry up and get my second mistake out of the way, since there is only three more weeks left in this year. . .

    China, Yep, sure am, now all the World Powers can stand down and relax :-)

    Ben, Good one, for sure. I learned real fast that it was pronounced Ma-Hay-A.

  8. Good on you DD and we won't worry about today's spelling mistake either... I know you only put it there to see if we were paying attention...

  9. You know FT, what I told Gypsy about those security words. Also, I can read them without any trouble, don't know why some people think they are all scarmbled up?