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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wondering About My Stats

Have you ever (I’m sure you have) looked at your blog’s stats? Very interesting. I must admit that I am surprised by my stats. The blogs that I think I did the best on did not get as many page views as some that I thought were just so-so.

So far, my blog that got the most pageviews was the one I posted on Oct. 6, 2010 and titled “Pig and Sky Updates”. It had 134 page views and 5 different readers commented. My pageview graph looks like a parabola or a mountain; starting at zero climbing at a gradual sloping incline to the peak and then coming back down a lot steeper than it went up. That is not a good sign. What am I doing wrong?

I guess I have run out of all my good ideas or my novelty has worn off. I do know that I have used most of my best trip pictures. I do have a lot of pictures of my trips but I only put one trip per posting and only a few of the pictures.

Another thing that the stats show you is from what countries the pageviews are coming from. Here is my list in descending order. Of course the U.S. is first, then Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Honduras, Netherlands, Russia, Australia, Brazil, and South Korea. It also gives you a breakdown on what operating systems and browsers were used.

Raw information is great, it is how it is interpreted that puts meaning to it. There can be many and varied explanations that would fit the stats.

I just hope that I can please someone somewhere with my postings. I will try to do better, I promise. . .

OK, today is dog grooming day and I have to get the three scroungy looking dogs loaded up in the Jeep and delivered and then later in the day go pick up those charming and beautiful Shih-Tzu dogs that we will bring back home.

BTW it was cold here this morning, got down below freezing for awhile.


  1. When you start writing for what readers want, then you lose the specialness of your personal blog. Write about your interests, experiences etc and let otheres chase their own rainbow. I find your blog a refreshing upgrade from most of the others.

  2. Thanks for the kind comment, Barney. You are right, of course. But I am also a very stuborn person and will always do it my way.

  3. If you are anything like I am, it's hard on occasion to find a fresh topic to post about. HOWEVER I have discovered that an ole story of mine that seems boring to me cause I've heard it or repeated it live so many times, often times gets the most reads.

    IN other words, there's no accounting for the taste of our readers!! :-)
    Personally I like your blog , and the fact that you do a lot of photos!

  4. Life cycles...now I have to go see my stats if I can figure it out.

  5. Dizzy,same here I work pretty hard on some that I think are important,nothing,write one fooling around and lots of comments.Oh well. I read your post on school late notes.One of my sons wanted to try track at school he had to fill out a registration form,if memory serves he was about ten yrs old when he got to the part that said sex he put not yet.Needless to say when his mom showed me I cracked up laughing!


  6. Morning Ben, Yep, I know what you mean and I will have some more "old" pictures on tomorrow's blog. Hope you enjoy.

    Frann, you are so right, things do seem to run in cycles, sort of like a sine wave.

    China, I guess we all are surprised at what the readers like the best. That story about filling out the registration form is really funny.

  7. Your Honduras stats will continue to be there, don't worry. There is one blog I read that has a list of where the people who visit are from in real time. I'm always surprised to see that someone from Honduras was the last one visiting, then remember, uh, that's me...

  8. Shadowmoss, But what happens when you return home? :-)

  9. Ah, DD, just post your usual. I like your blog.

  10. Thanks Ginger, will do. Hope you like "old" pictures and stories, cause that is what I will do tomorrow

  11. It's hard to second guess what people can associate with! I am always surprised at how many people honor me by coming by!

    I think that you and Ben bring something to readers that is real and enjoyable to read! Like a slice of life, with "for real" outlooks on things in the world today.

    Honesty is a good way to put it! Just keep it up! I like it!

  12. Thanks HJ, you always seem to come up with a surprise in your blog. Like the humongous nitting needles. I was surprised by what my wife asked, "how did they get the cloth that long?"

  13. It's funny, stats. My single biggest stat is to a blog entry from like 2-3 years ago about a car I test drove when I was looking at buying a new car.

    I really don't care much for stats. I have Google Analytics running on my website for my music school, and honestly, I don't think it matters. People are going to find out if they want to, whatever you do. However you do it.

    And if they find you interesting, they'll stick around.

  14. Howdy Pip, Glad you stopped by. I do agree with you, but it fun to try an analize them, then throw your arms up in the air, and give up (or don't care). What ever the stats, I will alway continue to just be me.