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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wondering what made it.

I try to get some exercise by going out and walking briskly around a loop in my driveway. I try to do it at least once a day. Sometimes my laziness wins out and I lay on the couch and watch TV instead (grin).

Anyway, the other day I noticed something had been messing with my driveway. It is very hard packed crushed concrete, so whatever did it must have had a good reason to put out the effort. The smaller the animal the more effort that has to be put forth.

After I walked, I got my camera and took a picture of the two most prominent marks. This first one shows just a scraping. To give you some perspective of size, I laid a dime down beside the scrape. It is circled in yellow to point it out.

About 6 or 8 feet from this scrape, there was an area where something at arranged large pieces of stone into a circle. You could spot it from a long distance; it stood out and got my attention. I also took a picture of that area, but the picture doesn’t do it justice. The next two pictures show the circle of rocks. The first one is a plain picture and I marked up the second one.

The yellow circle is around the dime and the blue circle is around the circle of stones.

OK, what did that? My gate was closed, so it probably was not a person. So that leaves animals.

I will list some possibilities and you choose which you believe did it. If you can’t find your choice on the list, feel free to tell me what is missing.

A) cat
B) Dog
C) Pig
D) Squirrel
E) Rat
F) Turtle
G) Lizard
H) Snake
I) Alligator
J) Coon
K) Possum
L) Crow
M) Owl
N) Hawk
O) Other birds
P) Strange or weird whirl-wind
Q) Supernatural event
R) Magnetic flux
S) Aliens from outer space
T) The Tooth Fairy
U) Other
V) Big Foot (suggested by Ben - see comments)

Thanks for your help. I know that among us, we can solve this mysterious event.


  1. It's Big Foot you ole silly!!! He/She is trying to leave you a message. Answer it!!!

  2. Man, it does make you wonder just what would take the time to move those rocks into a circle like that! Pretty strange!

    Almost looks like they were getting ready to build something, doesn't it?

  3. I gotta vote option S, everyone knows that Aliens use stone circles to mark landing areas.

  4. Dang Ben, I forgot about Big Foot. We are suppose to have several of them in desolate areas along the river...

    HJ, My wife and I noticed it right off. Does look strange as if a starting of a nest or collection or art work or something.

  5. Hey Grant, you are right. Must be small aleins. I guess I will have to put up a "welcome" sign.

  6. It could be whatever or whomever is making the crop circles in England, but instead of mowing down this time they are building up.

  7. Probably the short haired tennis shoe wearing desert ape. Difficult to spot as they travel in another dimension and appear only at night except when being booked. The rocks are a defense weapon used against attacking windows.

  8. Gypsy, You know, that is a good theory. Thanks for stopping by.

    Oldfool, Actually I think it may have been the "long" haired tennis show wearing desert ape. Of course, he must have hithced a ride on top of my motorhome when whe came back from the desert.

  9. Its a pig! Definitely a pig! And he made the scrape and the circle of stones with a fork!

    Anybody can see this, its as plain as day!

  10. Ernest, You know, you may be right. I better take their forks away and give them spoons. . .