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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wondering when it snowed last.

OK, I have been seeing all this snow on TV and pictures on blogs that I follow. That stuff is pretty and I always liked to be out in the woods when it snowed. Of course that was years and years ago and back when I lived in another state and probably a different “state” of mind, too.

I sure don’t think I could take that cold up north anymore. The worst of the winter time up there was really not the cold. It was the extremely short days and the highest percentage of which were so very dreary.

When I arrived at work up there at 08:00 it was still dark and had to use my headlights. When I got off at 17:00 (that is 5:00 pm) it was dark and again I had to use the headlights. During the work week, the only time I got to go out when it was light was at lunch time. If you let it, the darkness and the dreariness could be quite depressing.

But there were good times. I did love the snow and to be out in it in the daylight or at night. I also loved to hunt, and hunting gave me a good excuse to be out in the woods and hills when it had or was snowing. So you see, it wasn’t all that bad, but sometimes we remember only the bad part.

Hey, guess what? It has snowed here!! Believe it or not. The last time was December 11th, 2008. Now, there have probably been a few flakes now and then, but to have snow lay is unusual. This last snow of 2008 only stuck on the vegetation. It didn’t cover the ground, since the ground was probably too warm and melted most of it as soon as it hit. Here is a picture out my back door that shows the snow:

OK, now that I got everybody cooled off a bit, I think I will join Hermit Jim and have a cup of coffee.

By the way, did any of you see any meteors last night? I have to admit that I didn’t stay up to see the best of them, but when I took the dogs out before I went to bed, I did see a couple of bright ones. They had to be bright to see, since the moon was still up.

Speaking of the moon, the last couple of nights the moon and Jupiter have been in a race across the sky. The moon had been winning, but later last night it looked like Jupiter pulled ahead.

Isn’t this universe a marvelous place?


  1. You missed the Big Xmas Eve snow of last year? surprising,here I woke to like 2 feet of that white crap!!

    Sorry I missed the meteor shower as well. The times I have seen it,it was impressive. Think the best viewing I ever had was in Alpine or maybe from the dark remote beach down on South Padre Island one time.

  2. I didn't get to see the meteor shower because I went to bed pretty early, and because you can't see much in the sky from a city. I wouldn't care to be in the desert for very long, but I will have to admit there is good sky watching there. Plus peace and quiet!

  3. No snow last Christmas. In 2004 we were camped at Galveston State Park and woke up Christmas morning with a heavy snow. Even that year it didn't snow up here.

  4. Hey Gypsy, the night before I was up a few times with a sick dog. I was too tired to stay up last night.

    I like nature of all types. I could not stand to live in a city. But the dang city is creeping up on me, may have to move.

  5. I saw them as I set the alarm for 1:30 in the morning. There were a bunch mostly small and fast! The moon doesn't set tonight till about 3 AM I think.

  6. Frann, You should have had a much better view than I did, in all that wide open area and dry air. Too many trees here and the water vapor in the sky does not help. Glad you saw them, neat, arn't they? I saw some from an airliner one time and they looked to at the same or lower altidute. Optical allusion, I hoped!!