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Thursday, December 23, 2010

An Old Humorous Letter

Back in the “old” days, people had a great sense of humor and showed it by sending humorous cards and letters to each other. I am lucky enough to have discovered some in my Mother’s things, packed away in boxes of photos and letters.

I think that I will talk about just one of them today, but this is a good one. It was sent from “Bill’s Place” with a population of five and the smallest post office in the U.S.A. This first picture is of the complete envelope and the second one is a close up of the “return address”.

The next two pictures are of the outside part of the folded card. The first picture shows the card opened up to show the front and back. The second picture shows what was written on the back rotated so you can read it; the part that a person would not see until after the card had been opened.

This next set of pictures is what was inside the card. The first one shows the opened card and the second one show the verse that was printed inside:

Can you imagine the shock you would get when you opened the card and that butterfly would fly out and up in the air? The sender of this card was probably giggling for days after he sent it just imagining what would happen when the intended recipient (my Dad) opened it.

What do you think, would it scare you?


  1. I'd love to find a card now with that pop out butterfly!! I can think of a couple of people to send one to. :-)

  2. If you do, Ben, make sure they don't have a weak heart. (Sending email)

  3. my 5th grade son took his teacher an envelope with rattlesnake eggs (buzzed when opened),,,thot he killed her. she threw up her hands, screaming, kicked over backwards in her chair, got up n went running screaming down the hall. everbody sat there with huge eyes, waiting to c what would happen to him. lololol he did too. she came back laughing, thank God there were teachers back then that could appreciate a joke.

  4. Hey TROUBLEnTX, sounds like that teacher did have a great sense of humor, and a strong heart. :-)

  5. Now days the post office would send out the police and arrest you for sending "terrorist" material through the mail!

    Pretty cool card! Be nice to find one somewhere!

  6. HJ, Yep, that and the rattle snake eggs that Trouble mentioned. They are made from a paperclip and rubber band. And yes, I thought that card was cool.