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Friday, December 10, 2010

Wondering how big an appetite can be?

It has been noted that I have a huge appetite, but that it isn’t what it was way back when I was a young man. When I got married I weighed in at about 130 pounds but could eat an entire casserole of macaroni and cheese and still have room left over for a couple pieces of pie. When I still lived at home, my dad and I could eat three dozen ears of corn at one sitting along with bread and tomatoes and was looking for more when all the corn was gone.

OK, I guess you may say that I had a ferocious appetite, right? Well, not in relation to some others. Some other humans have a bigger appetite than I ever had, but some of nature’s creatures have us all beat.

My fishing buddy was out on Lake Conroe one day fishing for bass. He noticed something strange lying on the shore and went in to investigate. What he found surprised him and luckily, he had his Polaroid camera with him and snapped this unbelievable picture:

Look close; yes it is two Large Mouth Bass. Both are about the same size, but the one must have had eyes way bigger than its mouth, since it tried to swallow the other bass. Seems to me that this one aggressive fish had to have the world’s largest appetite. Guess the food kind of got stuck in its craw, wouldn’t you say? If my buddy would not have had a camera with him, no one would have believed what he had seen. Have any of you ever heard of anything like this?

Take a close look at this picture:

That picture was taken back about the same time frame. Nice looking bass I’m holding, right? Look closer, they are not real. My same fishing buddy who took the picture of the two stuck together bass made hat racks that looked like bass. He carved them out of board and added screw in hooks to hang your cap or coat or whatever on it. It would have been mounted with the fish being parallel to the floor. He gave me one and kept the other for himself. He was not only an avid outdoor’s man but a very talented guy.

Now, let me tell you about the one that got away. . .


  1. Interesting picture , only freshwater thing I could relate to that was one time I had fish on a stringer and a dammed water moccasin was chopping on them.
    Now offshore fishing had a big ole king fish on the line coming to the boat and a shark got him and only left me the head!!!

  2. I used to have some rubber fish I would put in the basket incase I ran into some other fisherpersons who would ask "How ya doing, cathching anything". I would pull by basket full of rubber fish out of the water and tell them I was doing OK.

  3. Hey Ben, In fresh water I have had turtles eat my stringer of fish, and in salt water, not sure what, didn't see the culprets.

    Howdy Frann, You gave me a good laugh. That sounds like a neat trick, as long as the game wardon says you have over your limit (grin).

  4. In the picture, the fish you're holding do indeed look real!

    Pretty talented guy, your friend!

  5. Yes Hermit, he was very talented in many things. You should have seen some on things that he came up with.

  6. Appetites aren't the only thing that's big in Texas. Ambition is big too!

    This reminds me of two cowboys who roped a bull but the bull got mad and chaced both of them up a tree. One cowboy says to the other, "Now that we got 'im, what are we going to do with 'im?"

  7. Wow,your friend was quite a talented carver! I caught a fingerling bass on a spinner bait that was bigger than him!


  8. Ernest, yep, everythings big, even the stories :-)

    Chinasyn, those are bigger than they look, I am just under 12 feet tall. :-0

  9. Yeah! Way under 12 feet tall! LOL