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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Billy Bob's Boat

While Billy Bob was over in Georgia visiting with his family, he kept talking about fishing and such. Yep, ole Billy Bob just don’t fish from the bank, he goes out in a boat, and the way I heard it told, that it was not just an ordinary boat, but a big old fancy one. I do think that ole BB likes boats. I hear he even lived on one.

I ran into him the end of last April down at the Terlingua Ranch. You know, down in that area there is just not a lot of water lying around, but he still had a big ole fancy riverboat with him. See:

I wonder if’n he ever fished out of that boat in Georgia or if his grandkids took it off his hands and launched it?

The Old Texan, Ben, was also down there a visiting with Bill Bob, so via email, I set up a meeting to buy them lunch at The Grub Shack. Well, I guess ole Ben just got too fidgety and left for his home just about a half hour before I was to meet up with them. Dang Ben, you missed a good, free lunch.

While I was down in that area I got to see a lot of stuff and meet some great people, including John Wells of the Field Lab. I will, sometime in the future, do a post on my trip to that area, but for now just let me say a little about it.

Terlingua, the ghost town has a lot of history and old adobe structures. Here is a picture looking through a window of one such structure:

And you can’t go to Terlingua without stopping at the Starlight where I enjoyed a great meal consisting of an Axis Venison burger with chipotle sauce. Yum, Yum.

And here is the RV park that we stayed at, just outside of Terlingua.

Got to get back there sometime soon. I really liked that area and would like to live there.


  1. Sorry I missed y'all down Terlingua back then,but you know? Looking at your rig picture I did see you parked.But you didn't have a big ole sign saying: Here I AM " And remember I forgot my laptop on that trip. :-(

  2. It's OK Ben, just a picken on ya. Was real sorry I missed you.

  3. Plenty of wide open spaces there, huh? Only thing missing is the shade!

  4. Jim, You got that right. Funny thing, neither my wife nor I hurt when there. That dry air does wonders for arthritis.

  5. Hey Dizzy, Ben is only a couple hunert miles north of you. Week end trip ya know!!!

  6. Chipotle sauce, now your talking!

    Hummm, Love it!