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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Over-worked and Old Friends

Sure didn’t want to get out of bed this morning, I am all stove up from working under the house. Crawling on my belly, lying in water, holding head and shoulders up to reach things, and then when I got through to the pipes, had to contort this old body into a semi-sitting position (kind of pow-wow type but in a confined space). Wouldn’t have been so bad if I only had to do it once, but I was in and out many, many times. Fixing leaking plumbing is a real pain, literally.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out what the trouble is. Dang, back 40 or 50 years ago, I could have done that and gone out dancing afterwards. Just can’t imagine what is wrong. Oh why oh why didn’t I listen to Ben when he said to hire a plumber? Oh I know, that would have cost money. . .

Let me change the subject. Have you ever thought back to your school years and remembered some of your old school friends and teachers? Well, I have been in contact for awhile with a fellow who was my science teacher, etc. when in high school. He is an amateur radio operator (ham) as I am. He was fresh out of college and not that much older than we were, but at that age it seemed more than it was. Now, we seem to be about the same age. Time does change things.

Last November I started thinking about a friend who was in my class and we sat together on the school bus every day. Since I live 1300 to 1400 miles away from where I went to school, I don’t get back too often for reunions and the ones that I did attend, he didn’t. It took some effort, but as a last resort, I typed his name into qrz.com and his info appeared, although he had moved since, through other Internet sites, I was able to track him down and we made contact. I also hooked him up with our mutual friend and old teacher. They now have a schedule on the ham radio each week.

Then I found this old picture of a barber shop quartet that we had put together while in high school, called the “King’s Men”. That name was used because our sports teams were called the “Knights”. This was what we looked like back in June of 1960. I am the second from the left, in the dark coat.

Wow, we sure had a good time singing at school activities and local organizations. I also at the time sang in a gospel quartet that went to a lot of hymn sings at local churches.

I just recently was able to locate one of the guys (the one next to me, second from the left), and guess what, he is a ham also. I have not been able to track down the other fellows, but am working on it.

Well, I guess I will go lick my wounds from yesterday and see what trouble I can get into today. You all have a great day.


  1. Sorry bout your aches and pains ,but I TOLD YOU SO!!!

    Now about you tracking down ole school mates. What program did you use to find him? All of them I have tried want you to pay before you see any results. None of them are worth paying money to see.

  2. Dick! ben told you not to do that yesterday, what were you thinking? I know, I know, we still have the desire to do things but have to learn to accept SOME things we are just not able to do anymore and if we try we suffer the consequences. I am feeling for you and hope the soreness leaves soon.
    About the old school friends, there is only one from school I'd like to see again and one friend who went to a different high school but lived in the neighborhood. I am strange I just have no desire to know anything about anyone else from back then. These two girls and I were the 3 musketeers, it's unusual to have 3 girls be friends, it's usually two people that become close and a 3rd wheel is odd man out, but we 3 were like sisters.
    Years ago we all went our separate ways and life changes parted us, moving out of state, marrying, divorcing etc. But Kathie and Judy I would like to play catch up with, have tried to find both on internet but no luck.

  3. Barney, thanks for the advice.

    Ben, yep you told me so.
    I don't remember exactly how I found them. Prabably started with people finder (http://www.melissadata.com/cgi-bin/PeopleFinder.asp), then www.whitepages.com, and of course knowing the one was a ham, I found him on www.qrz.com. These are all free sites. Used in combination, they can give results.

    Kathie, thans for feeling for me. By the way, I hope you come back to this site, I need to let you know that the last two days there was no where to leave a comment on your site. If there is, please let me know how. The old way isn't there anymore.

  4. You haven't changed a bit Dick!

  5. were you a crip or a blood ? lol I hope you get my sense of humor on that

  6. Thanks Ernest, but be careful about stretching the truth like that.

    Nick, we ate them for lunch, or would you believe we ran from them like H...