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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ham Breakfast

Going to cut this short today, am off to a Ham breakfast. No, not ham and eggs, well maybe ham and eggs, but Ham is for Amateur Radio. Our local Hams have a breakfast once a month to get together and chat. Don’t make a lot of sense, since we chat on the air all the time (grin). It puts faces to the voices.

When I get back, I am going to tear this old computer apart and change out some stuff. If you don’t hear back from me, you know I didn’t do it right. It is easy, right? Just unplug and slide stuff out of slots and slide stuff back in and plug in. OK, now maybe I am a bit confused . . . but think I will do it anyway. Last time I had a computer geek out here it cost me money and he didn’t fix a thing. Twenty minutes after he left, everything went back to where it had been.

OK, got to run.


  1. I used to go to CB coffee breaks..
    And about your computer cleaning,,UNPLUG IT FIRST!!!

    Good luck, hope you make it back. :-)

  2. And if you're upgrading the parts inside the PC, once you boot the computer you may have to install the new drivers for the new peripheral devices.

  3. Good luck Dick, hope you can get back on after tweaking. Like Ben said unplug power first!. I am a tweaker also of the computer and also the blog, but am learning more about how to mess with the blog and not mess things up! I never was a Ham ( as in radio operator) but loved the CB coffee breaks. I imagine they're similar since we had a lot of am guys and gals who used CB radios also.

  4. Yep Ben, I unplugged everything, since I had to take move it to work on it. Coffee break - Ham breakfast, same thing.

    Yes Pipsqueek, I found that out. I expected it with the sound card I replaced, but was surprised when the computer didn't recognize my mouse.

    And Kathie, I have always had someone else build my computers to my specs, so I don't get into them very often.