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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Everything Went Black

You see, I was just sitting there enjoying a couple of my favorite TV shows. ( I got me a whole long list of favorites, don’t you see) These Monday night shows are Pawn Stars and Pickers. (Yes Billy Bob, I spelled it right. It is “Pawn Stars” not “Porn Stars”.) Now that I got your interest up, may I proceed?

Yep, just watching the old boob tube (No, that wasn’t part of Porn, I mean Pawn Stars). Maybe I need to start this again.

Anyway, everything just went black. I mean EVERYTHING. I stumbled around until I found my flash light and went out side to take a look. I walked to where I could see and there were no signs of lights in any direction. Guess this was a fairly wide spread power outage.

My wife loves these artificial candles that you put batteries in and they flicker and look just like real ones. She has purchased quite a few from QVC (Kathie, you know QVC) and some from local stores. We got them hanging on the walls, sitting on the mantel, on shelves, on the table, everywhere. So, this was her opportunity to shine, literally. In no time at all she had our home flickering away with soft light everywhere. Got to admit, it was really nice.

Well getting on toward 22:00, we were thinking about what to do if the power didn’t come on before we headed off to dream land. The main two things was the stuff in the refrigerator / freezer and my oxygen generator that I use at night. I have been on oxygen at night for a lot of years.

The solution: take the food stuff out to the motor-home and put it in the refrigerator out there and since I have an oxygen generator already out in the motor-home, we could just move in there for the night.

The refrigerator runs on either ac electric or propane, so it is always on (unless I turn it off or run out of gas). But the oxygen generator must have ac power. So the solution to that is simple, fire up the generator. Anyway, I would want to run the air conditioner.

Of course, after I carried two bags of food stuff out to the motor-home and started stuffing it into the freezer, wouldn’t you know, the power came back on. Carried everything back in and all returned to as normal as it gets around here. Sorry no pictures, dark is hard to get a picture of, unless you leave the lens cap on. I should have taken some of the house all lit up with imitation candles. It did look warm and cozy. Maybe the warm part was because the air conditioning was not running. . .


  1. you big silly!! Figured the Motor Home would be stocked and ready to roll at a moments notice, just move out there.

  2. In a perfect world, yes it would be. But I don't live in a perfect world, in fact it may come to surprise to you, but I am not perfect either. . .

  3. Someone once told me that God does not have much of any sense of humor. Well I beg to differ, other wise why does he always turn the power off about 8 or 9 PM and not at 11 AM when you can see what you need to, and have time to prepare for the night, and all the stores that sell ice, batteries, etc. are wide awake and open.

  4. Bob, you got a good point there. For myself, I always try to have a good sense of humor.

  5. Never know when the unexpected will pop up and test you! That's what makes life interesting...the unknown!

    Glad that everything is back to normal!