Wondering about wild grapes

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Special Couple

I’m a wondering again, wondering about people I used to know. But, the biggest wonder I had yesterday was where the heck is my check book. Dang Dizzy, you don’t want to lose that, what if some immoral person found it and was not above breaking the law. I could lose a lot of money. Well, I don’t really have a lot, but it would be a lot to me. So, most of my morning was taken up by my wife and I tearing the house apart searching for it. I went out to the Jeep and looked in the consol and the door pockets and under the seats.

Ok, I gave up. Got some papers together to prove I had an account and went out and got in the Jeep to head for the bank. Turned it on and then it hit me. I had laid it in the back seat under a pair of gloves when we went into Michael’s and/or Hobby Lobby after being at the bank a few days earlier. What a relief, but that sure shot the morning. I told you about my short term memory, or lack of it before, didn’t I?

Now I have been wondering about some people I used to know. After Ruth and I got married, we rented an apartment in town. Didn’t much care for that so bought us a 12 x 50 mobile home. That was a big one back then. For the first few years, we had it in a “trailer” park. Met some great people. One couple was unique. The husband started out his working career carrying boulders out of a construction site. Later, he ran heavy equipment. Tough guy and very strong but a gentle, kind man. But his wife had him beat. She was taller, heavier, and stronger than he was. One day, when they were preparing to move their trailer to a family farm, she started tearing down the mobile home set up for the move. I went up to offer her help since her husband was working. When I got to her place, she was coming around the corner with a railroad tie under each arm!! Have you ever tried to lift one of those suckers, let alone two? Heck, she didn’t need any help.

The main thing I remember about her was not her strength, but it was her apple dumplings. She never fooled around when she did something, and making apple dumplings was no exception. They were soooooo gooooood, but even so, you had trouble finishing one. You see, they were so big that one hardly fit on a large dinner plate and must have weighed 4 or 5 pounds. She would even put cheese on them if you wanted or ice cream. Served hot out of the oven was something to die for. Never have I had any apple dumpling to compare with hers. They were a wonderful couple, and I felt privileged to know them (and the apple dumplings).


  1. Good memories you got. I some times wonder if I am the only one that will have a flashbacks about someone and wonder what ever happen to......

  2. Hey Ben, seems like I get these "flash backs" more requently as of late. Is that a sign that my age is showing. I do miss a lot of my old friends and relatives. Since I moved away from my birth state of Pennsylvania, I don't get to see them very often and when I do visit, only have time to see a few.

  3. Boy howdy, let me tell ya. Them check books sure do cause a sane man go crazy....look'n for it. All kind of stuff start pop'n up in your mind....Oh my God, someone gonna cash in, I gotta call the bank right now, my dog ate it, damn kids...you know what I'm talk'n bout. Fount mine in my pocket in the dirty clothes many times....after all the above. Have ya ever misplaced your wallet?

  4. Hey Billy Bob, yes I have misplaced my wallet. The worst thing is it was usually when I was away from home. Another thing, you be driving down the road and start to thinking, "did I bring my wallet?". Then you reach around to see if it is in your back pocket and dang, it ain't there.

  5. Big, Strong Girl, pull plow long time!

    Uncle, Tannouse