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Friday, January 28, 2011

My Ode to a Buffalo

Neighborhood Buffalo

I thought that you would like to see
Our neighborhood buffalo.
He sometimes seems so lonely to me
Maybe misses his brothers so.

He is in with a whole herd of beef cows
Probably to do them service
This buffalo may not like to carouse.
Is that why he is so nervous?

To tell you the truth, I don’t even know
If he is a she or a he
I was driving by in my car real slow
But couldn’t really see

Maybe some day I can get up close
To get a better view
But I don’t want to seem to gross
Just getting a picture for you

So maybe I will leave just as it is
Not knowing for sure
Don’t want to watch it take a whiz
May end up in manure!
The Buffalo with a black cow.

Enlarged of the Buffalo

Buffalo leaving heard


The closest shot


Pictures taken yesterday on my way back from getting the mail.


  1. Simple solution,, Ask the owner dummy!!! :-)

  2. Not that easy. Don't know the owner and can't get close to his house. Big locked metal gate at the end of a long driveway. Probably a lot easier to get close to the buffalo. I drive by there every day when I go get my mail and have never seen anyone out and about.

  3. Setup a surveillance and see if it mounts or gets mounted. ;)

  4. I was close to a large bull Buffalo once. It was HUGE! There are preserves in South Dakota with large herds that are impressive to see. Along the Rio Grande there are places with fossilized Buffalo bone where Indians would just run them off a cliff to kill them. Then go to the base of the cliff to butcher.

  5. David, that would take a whole lot of cameras and recorders to cover all the locations and fields that it may be in. He (or she) seems to dissapear for weeks at a time, so must be in the fields on the other side of the woods.

    Frann, The first time I was ever up close to a wild Buffalo was in 1959 when I visited Yellowstone National Park. He was scarry, but I was 16 and fearless. Got up close to some moose, black bears, and one grizzly, too.

  6. We went to see the buffalo, at land between the lakes,they look scary,but their still a pretty animal. Blessings jane

  7. There are people that are cross breeding buffalo with cows with good results you can see imiges on google image just google (Beefalo)

  8. Jane, yes they are beautiful and majestic.

    Ted, they have been doing that for years. Tastes good, too, but I prefer the taste of pure buffalo if it has been range fed only.

  9. Had a taste of "your" buffalo...great poem! (THERE YA' HAPPY!)

  10. Windy, yep, I am always happy. Well, at least I try to be.