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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wondering if they have gone too far.

OK, now they have gone too far, or should I say, they haven’t gone far enough? What am I upset about? Well I’ll tell you. The IRS didn’t send me my big book of forms and instructions; that is what I am upset about.

OK, “Self”, I said, “You can do this”. Right? Wrong. I am so used to taking that big book of forms and instructions and sitting at a table with all my last year’s information, like receipts, business mileage, expenses, and of course records of all income. Everything was at my fingertips. If I had a question, I could hold the page I was working on with one hand and leaf through the information part with the other. Wasn’t a big deal, and if I needed a form that wasn’t included, I could get it at the Post Office or “on line”.

I did give it a quick try and it took for ever to find one of the forms and information sheet I was looking for. (I down-loaded it to my computer) The IRS.gov site is like all government; too much crap to sort through. It would cost a fortune in printer ink and paper to print everything out, if I could even find everything.

Why don’t they give you a place on line that has the book and all forms in a down-loadable zip file? And, of course, an easy way to find any additional forms and information that may be needed. Don’t they say that they will figure your tax for you? Maybe I will just dump all my receipts, income information, 1099 forms, and a wad of money into a box and mail it to them. Let them figure it all out.

OK, I got to say that the IRS isn’t all bad. Last year I got a letter from them. I opened it and said “Oh No!” as I read the first sentence that said that I had made a mistake in my taxes. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I read further and they said that I had paid a couple of grand too much and would be getting a much larger refund than I expected. They had corrected my return for me by using a form I didn’t know about.

Now, don’t you just love the IRS?


  1. Well Dizzy, the way I see it, if ya don't send me a Christmas card, you'll not receive one in return.
    I rekon they don't want my business anymore, so if they don't send me my big book full of forms, I ain't gonna send them nuttin either.

  2. Taxes? Taxes? I don't pay no stinking taxes.. :-) I fall into that brakes that with my disability and all my real money being in investment accounts. I don't show enough income to have to even file.

    NOW if I were to draw out a big old chunk of it,,that would be different.

  3. Dad just retired from the IRS. Nice pension.

  4. Hey BB, I never thought of it that way. You got a good point. Trouble is, I have been making quarerly estimate payments and now I don't think I will owe anything and I want my money back!! So will have to file.

    Ben, I didn't have enough work this year, so will not pay any either, but like I told BB, I want my money back. I never know how much work I will have so make those estimated payments the same as the previous years.

  5. I pulled a little money from a ira so they sent 20% to the IRS. Now I have to file to get that part of my money back.

  6. Grant, I am glad our money is going to a good cause.

    Barney, as long as they have it in their hands for a little while, it lowers the national debt (grin).

  7. Funny you know DD, I got t letter from the IRS too and it said that I was due a refund of $998 and would I send some banking details... yes of course I would. Like hell! It is a scam and it may pay you to just check that it's not an international one... you would know never to give bank account details online wouldn't you... This one had the logo and header at the top of the page and all so it looked real...

  8. FT, The refund check was mailed to me and I didn't have to do anything additional, no problem. This year I just have to file all the forms so that I can get the money back that I already paid ahead on the estimated quarterly payments. Got to be real careful with all the fraud and scams going on, that is for sure.