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Monday, January 24, 2011

Wondering again about old friends.

I got wondering what ever happened to an old friend, classmate, and best man at my wedding. My wife gave me his telephone number which she had looked up on “whitepages.com”. I had searched for him before with no luck, but it seemed easy now. After I called and talked to him, I discovered that he had worked in England for 10 years or so. Oh yes, now I know why I couldn’t find him the last time I looked.

After high school, he attended the Merchant Marine Academy and sailed the seas for awhile. Then he joined the Navy and became a pilot. He once described his fist landing on an aircraft carrier. Said it looked like a postage stamp bobbing around down there. After he got out of the Navy he became a commercial pilot. That is when I lost contact with him. Now, he is living in the same house he grew up in Pennsylvania.

I was glad, and he seemed to be too, that I had called. He did mention that he was going to watch the playoff football game. Since I don’t follow sports that much anymore, (see my old blog about sports) I didn’t know who was playing. He told me that the Pittsburgh Steelers were playing New York for the championship and the winner would go to the Super Bowl. When I used to live in Pennsylvania, Terry Bradshaw led the Stealers to four Super Bowls and I watched all the games. Lynn Swann, I thought, was the best receiver I had ever seen. He had the moves of a ballet dancer and could out jump any defender. That Pittsburgh team at the time was stuffed full of great players. Remember Mean Joe Green and the Coke commercial?

The point is, I watched the game and Pittsburgh won. Now, I will have to watch the Super Bowl, that is, if it is not played the same time my Top Fuel Drag Racing is on. See one of my first blogs on the NHRA Racing.

Funny, but I did enjoy the game last night. Still don’t think that I could watch a whole game of baseball.

Now, does anyone know when the Super Bowl will be played? Isn’t it always in January? Only got one more Sunday this month.

Dang, who knows, maybe I will become a big sports fan (of drag racing, ping-pong, and football, anyway). Only time will tell.


  1. Shoot I thought the two games yesterday were the last ones.. You mean there's another game still? Grrrr... Enough, Enough!!
    Personally I won't watch it if you paid me.. And you can bet the farm you will NEVER catch me at Cowboys stadium for any reason.

    Glad you found your old friend

  2. Ben, that is the first game I have watched for many, many years. I wouldn't go to one, but am anxiosly awaiting when the top fuel races come to Houston. Already paid for the tickets, as I do every year.

  3. I love baseball but it must be live..as the trips to the bar seem to take up the slow times!
    GREEN BAY!!!

  4. Yeah, we here in the great white north had our own sport rivalries in full force. Bears vs. Packers, and not a very pretty game at all for us Chicagoans.

  5. Frann, OK, you are for Green Bay and I will be for Pittsburgh. Got to have something we dissagree on.

    Grant, Sorry to hear your team lost. But look how far it got. . .

  6. The superbowl will be in two weeks. It has been the first part of Feb. for a few years now.

  7. Pidge, thanks, see I told you I haven't been following most sports.

  8. Dizzy, I checked in this Tuesday morning to see if anyone had posted words of wisdom and for some reason, when I reread the original post This song popped into my head, NO, I don't know why either. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4s3bT-Gk6I

  9. Gee thanks Ben, now I got it going round and round in my head. Always liked that song and Tom T. Hall.