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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wondering About - Post Grooming

The other day was “grooming” day for our three Shih Tzu kids. They all react differently to it, before, during, and after.

Muffy (or more correctly Ginger Muffin) is the oldest female and has a very thick undercoat. Here is an older picture of her:

Chang Le is the next oldest and has almost no undercoat at all. Here is an older picture of him:

Gizzy was a rescue from an RV park, and the youngest. Here is a picture of her when she was still a puppy:

Now I will show you the pictures taken the other day after they got back from grooming. Poor Muffy was just so tangled from tussling with and playing with Gizzy, that she had to be shaved. Didn’t recognize her. Must be a different dog. Are you sure, Mr. Groomer, that this is the dog we left for grooming?
What do you think?

She just acted so sad and ashamed (and cold) that we had to put her cheery red sweat shirt on her:

Now she feels more like herself and can relax:

The groomer tells us that Muffy gives him a hard time, but will lick his face when he is done. She doesn’t hold a grudge.

Now, let’s talk about Gizzy. She doesn’t like any part of it and is really happy to get home. The groomer said that back when we first started bringing her to him, that she refused to stand up, but now she does just fine.

She looks happy on the way home:

And after getting home:

And out in the yard:
Now, I didn’t get any new pictures of Mr. Chang Le this time except a group picture of all three of them barking at the wild pig. I snuck out the gate and got on the pig side of the dogs and got their picture from outside the fence:

They all had a big day and now they can relax for another month. Then we will do it all over again. My wife says that next time she is going to take me to the groomer’s. . . Now, I wonder why she would say a thing like that, it has taken me three years to grow this long hair and beard. . .


  1. I always figured that the more of my face I covered the better I look.

  2. Hey Barney, That may not be the case for you, but I sure look better with most of my face covered. Now I am trying to cover my belly and my rear.

  3. Was walking mine when a fella up and asked me if I knew what you got when you breed a Shih Tzu with a Bulldog...Bull Shih T!

  4. Yep Windy, they can sure make a pile of it. . .

  5. And this is one reason why I'm a cat lover

  6. I am both. Had three cats at one time along with Basset Hound. They all got along fine together.