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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wondering how cold it will get.

Just before sun-up this morning it was 39 degrees and clear skies. If we would have had a cloud cover, it would have stayed in the 40’s. The weather man is predicting a very cold week coming up and it is to start cooling off today. Well, so far, it sure did. This will be quite a change from the 70’s we have been having. I guess I was getting spoiled with all the nice warm weather. Only had a day here and there that was on the cool side. But that is changing fast.

In fact, this coming week will be the coldest I can remember for a long time, definitely the coldest of this year, that is for sure. Here is the local Fox 7 day weather predictions:

Now, don’t all you who live way the heck up north just feel so sorry for me? Poor little old me who is used to temperatures in the 70’s and 80’ will have to endure a whole week of cold weather.

I do remember way back quite a few years ago when we actually had a long spell of cold. Lasted several weeks; sure wouldn’t want that to happen again!

Project for today: dig out some clothes to add extra layers when needed. Cover the well, pump, and pressure tanks with tarps and put a light bulb under the tarps to prevent any freezing. Maybe even turn on some heat and the “Arctic Pack” in the RV during the cold nights.

The one thing I will not do is turn the thermostat up to a higher setting. 70 to 72 degrees is plenty warm enough for inside the house, no matter how cold it gets outside. My biggest beef about the winter time when I lived up north was that people kept their homes way to warm. Not mine, like I said, 70 to 72 degrees is sufficient.

When up north, the cold outside air couldn’t hold much moisture and when heated for the inside, it dried it out even more. Didn’t like that either. Ran humidifies, then the windows would steam up, and freeze over, and when it melted, would make a mess. So now you know why every time that I start thinking about maybe moving back up there, I slap myself on the face to get back my common sense. . . I guess I have lived in the South too long (about 30 years) to go back up north now. The north is a great place to visit, but. . .


  1. When I lived in NH, I'd go ice fishing on weekends. No, not fishing 'for ice, but on it!

    It got so cold that our breath froze in mid-air and we had to thaw the frozen breath on a fire just so we could talk! LOl

  2. I don't remember the cold being so bad, except now it would cost a lot more to heat a house. I think cold is much more difficult to endure when you expect it to be mild temps, like in CA or the southwest.

  3. Was back in 89 that Texas had the bad one. My sister n bro in law were here, for the weekend, but,,,the ICE STORM hit. (Im in central TX) They didn't try the drive back to Pasadena til Tuesday. Took em 13 hours on ice all the way, reg 4 hour drive. Several years ago, my son having back surgery in San Antonio, got iced in too. His Doc couldn't even get in to check him the next day, but released him and we drove back 105 miles in 2 ruts on hwy 281. Don't think we're getting any moisture with this one. But u might,,,lololol
    be safe.

  4. Ernest, I bought an ice auger a couple of years before I left PA, but after that, nothing froze over solid enough to venture out on. Gave it away when I left. Now, How cold did you say it was?!?!

    Gypsy, you are so right. I don't even own a real warm coat. Just have to use layers, which works well here cause the temperatures change so fast.

    Trouble, I too, remember some really bad storms that I never would have expected. The worst was when I lived up north of Ft Worth back in the 80's. Went a long time (couple of weeks) without water and electric. Glad I had a good fireplace.

  5. Hi Dick, Gee this morning as I was facing a windchill of -2 I said to myself, "poor Dick down there in Texas with that cold front moving in, I feel so badly for him!" NOT! We also got an inch or so of snow overnight, but that's getting to be old hat these last few years. we used to have it seldom and lots of time would go by between storms but not anymore.
    hey I agree with your wife--you knew I would (lol)- sometimes in reading my blog list I learn something new but I don't really have anything to add or someone will tell a great story and I have nothing to equal it-not commenting doesn't mean I enjoy them less--I really do enjoy all the blogs I follow, for different reasons. Yours is always entertaining!!! Kathie

  6. Ben, I checked it, nothing from you there.

    Kathie, Yea, know you don't feel sorry for me, and I don't either. Just like to put the worst weather in the blog once in awhile just to make all my relatives up in Pennsylvania jealous. They get even in July and August. - Thanks for you comment, but trying to come up with something entertaining every day is not easy. I ran out of good ideas long ago.

  7. DD, I'll feel a little sorry for you. Does that make you feel any better? Chilly here is when long sleeves feel good rather than short sleeves. A jacket is pretty much always too much, even with short sleeves. I'm worried about summer...

  8. Shadowmoss, I guess if we don't get some bad weather now and then we will not appreciate all the great weather we usually have.

  9. I'm with Gypsy, cold is harder to deal with when it is unexpected. I'll give you a little bit of sympathy, but not much. Of course, we're having a warm spell. It's currently 19, thankfully no wind, and inching up to 30!

    And for the record, we keep our home at 66 and simply use blankets for the rest of it. It makes our couch extra cosy. One of these years, I'm going to make myself a rocket mass heater (http://www.rocketstoves.com/).

  10. Grant, yep, anywhere between 65 and 70 degrees is comfortable. The upper range during the day and the lower range while sleeping, works for me. But it costs too much to keep it that cool in the summer down here.