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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wandering about BBQ

It is that time of year when the BBQ units are dusted off and cleaned up to get ready for all that meat that is going to be cooked, burned, smoked, or done to perfection on them. I don’t know about your area, but around here it is a big thing. They have all kinds of contests. Of course the ones around here culminate at the Houston Stock Show and Rodeo coming up in March. You have to be a county champion to enter into the cook-off at the Rodeo, so it is a big thing.

You know, BBQ means different things to people in different states. Take North Carolina for instance, when you mention BBQ everyone there thinks of pork and I will tell you that it doesn’t get much better than and old N.C. “Pig-Picken”. But here in Texas it means beef. Of course they have many different categories at the Houston cook-off, but beef is one of the most important.

Anyway, I have a friend that made it to the rodeo cook-off one year. He finally admitted that once is enough. I thought that you may like to see his BBQ unit. He made it all himself, starting out with his old boat trailer, and a lot of ingenuity, engineering ability, welding skills, and of course a good enough imagination to be able to make something of beauty and purpose from junk. My friend is an expert at that.

Enough talking, let me show you some pictures of his unit. This first one shows the front of the unit:

Did you notice the flags and that they are in the correct order?

Here is a close up of the emblem:

This next picture shows the fire box end, or rear of it. It is hooked up to his truck to be taken to someplace where good food is needed:

The next one is of the back side:

And the last, and most important, is the inside:

Now that I got your mouth a watering, you better go get yourself a snack. Hope you have some good BBQ to snack on. If so, you know you can invite me. . . .


  1. I've also tasted delicious bbq in Kentucky (my state of birth) - pork as well as mutton. And Virginia has some great roadside stands out in the middle of nowhere. As long as it isn't smothered in that red sauce, it's ok.

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  3. That cooker makes perfect sense to me,, the meat cooks in hot smoke only, no direct heat.. Looks perfect. Wonder how much wood it uses

  4. Well I know what I'm getting for lunch.

  5. Gypsy, I never had BBQ's mutton. In Pennsylvania they use some local sausage type things, forgot what they are called. Everywhere has its own favorites.

    Ted, Don't go away. . .

    Ben, He could do both, that is why there is a horizontal and a vertical section. The vertical section was for smoking.

    Grant, I know what I would like, but will not get it today. Want to send me some?

  6. I just LOVE BBQ! That is one fancy pit there for sure. It's a bit cooler here but I sure can't wait till we can take the cover off the BBQ pit and fire that baby up!

  7. PS My word verification was geder. Kind of like "geder done" LOL

  8. Hey SciFi, what kind of wood do you use? I usually mix oak with hickory and mesquite. The oak to get hot coals and the other two for flavor. Takes a long time to get the fire right and only a minute or two to cook the stakes.

  9. I myself BBQ all winter!! No pesky flies, beer stays cold and the fire is appreciated!

  10. Frann, I used to, also.

    BTW, In western Pennsylvania, most BBQ grills have kielbasa on them. And they use store-bought charcaol instead of wood. Can you imagine that, it's just disgraceful. . . .

  11. Ok, you snuck this BBQ blog past me! I was busy yesterday and just read about it today.

    Now you gotta understand that BBQ is one of the basic food groups. After you digetst this fact, (love a pun, just can't resist one) you can take a look at these.



    Fun Stuff!

    BTW, your Texas State cut out and the 'Cut and shoot' written on it is very classy, Love It!!!

  12. Ernest, Can't get anything with the aroma of BBQ past your nose, right?
    I remember the first photos of the animal control.
    My buddy won the county cook-off and did fairly well in the Houston Rodeo event. Can't remember what ribbons he won, I didn't attend.