Wondering about wild grapes

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wonder why no one seemed to notice?

OK, I know I am not good at it, and I only took about a half hour to write it, but I thought at least someone would comment on my poem. No one said it was terrible and no one said it was good, so I must depend on the old saying, “if you can’t say anything good about someone or something, then keep your mouth shut”. That means I should never attempt writing poetry again, no one could find anything good to say about it. (grin)

Now don’t take me seriously, I am not fishing for a compliment. It just seemed strange to me that after 195 blog postings, I do one in rhymes, and no one noticed. I really did think that someone would have noticed and left a comment like “you’re a poet and don’t know it”, or some other funny remark.

I have been way wrong before. It seems I have trouble figuring out what people like or don’t. Some of my blogs that I spent a lot of time preparing and thought were really good, got hardly any comments, and then some that when I hit the “publish” button, my face would be a grimace, knowing how bad, simple, incomplete, or ill planned it was and what I thought was a bad post would get lots of comments.

I probably will never figure out what my readers like, but I do see the humor in it. So, as the man once said, “to thy own self, be true”, I will just write what I feel like writing, but you all jump on me if I get too far off course. I have already told my wife if I loose my sense of humor; please put me out of my misery. . .

I will be back, Jack
I’m not a snob, Bob
That’s my plan, Frann
I’ll pick up my pen, Ben
I won’t be jaded, David
Not even a smidge, Pidge
Maybe even sassy, Kathie
Try not to be too plain, Jane
And not too grim, Jim
Stories from back when,Gwen
With chaos, ShadowMoss
Don’t be silly, Billy
I won’t be tipsy, Gypsy
Down under or beneath, Keith
He prepares, SixBears
Hope to have many, Penny
I’m not tipsy, Gypsy
I won’t be cruel, Oldfool
Will you critique, Pipsqueek
You have no lawn, John
I will not rant, Grant
About enough said, Ted


  1. Hey, your a poet and didn't know it,
    But your feet show it.
    They're Longfellows.


  2. It was so sad! The lonely buffalo!! It's like I never know what to say to some one close the the newly departed...

  3. Just took ur poetry as just another "Dizzy" posting. lol
    But agree with frann, its sad about lonely buffalo. Does it know its lonely?

  4. Okay...this'un reminds me of Simon and Garfunkle! Its a good'un too!

  5. Now Ben, my feet are not all that big, just a couple of them.

    Frann, I think it takes time for the buffalo to fit in with the herd. I usually see him heading off on his own.

    Trouble, yea, your right, just another dizzy posting. By the way, today the buffalo was laying close to the herd but not quite in the herd.

    Windy, no one can compete with you, especially with cowboy poetry and songs.

  6. Your blog was one of the few I read yesterday, and i really liked the poem. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I am winding down until after my surgery - might read a couple of blogs now & then but probably won't comment.

    Don't feel bad - once in a great while I think I've outdone myself with a spectacularly written post, and not one comment. That's just the way it goes sometime.

  7. Gypsy, Thanks for the kind comments. If makes me proud that mine was one of the few you read. Wish you all the luck in the world on your surgery.

  8. Your right Dizzy, I did notice and I didn't mention. I do owe you an apology. It's still beautiful work. Of course, I like this one better. To actually mention all of your followers in a single tribute. I like it.

  9. Grant, Actually, I missed some. Sorry for that.