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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Wondering About Famous Outlaws

Got to thinking about some famous outlaws and decided I wanted to put a face to the names.  I have posted seven pictures of famous outlaws and below the pictures are the names.  Scroll down slow so as to only see the picture and try to guess who they are and then tell me how many you got right.

You know all the movies and television westerns all gave us a picture of the actors who the producers of the show hired to play the parts.  The one that surprised me the most was Doc Holiday.  Maybe it is because I have never seen a picture of the real Doc Holiday before, only actors that played him.  OK, here are the pictures:
Did you know that Bonnie and Clyde were short people?  Yep, Bonnie was 4'-11" and Clyde was 5'-4".

 John Dillinger

 Jesse James

 Doc Holiday

 Billy the Kid

 Sam Bass

And a more modern criminal:
Al Capone

Sam Bass also didn't look like a bad guy, but as you know, looks are deceiving.  Some of the smartest people I have met looked real dumb and visa-versa.  So, it is just as hard or even harder to tell a crook just by what he or she looks like.

I know that none of you are criminals and neither am I, except I have been told that my spelling is a criminal act.  Thank goodness for spell checkers but I can out smart, or should I say, out dumb them. (grin)  Now, you all stay out of trouble and have a great day, you hear? 


  1. I think Billy the Kid looks like an ok guy. In fact, he sort of looks like someone I dated years ago, so alright, he may not have been such an ok guy!

    1. Sorry Gypsy, but I think Billy the Kid looks retarded. But that is only my opinion.

    2. That's probably what my brothers said about the guy I dated!

  2. It is fun to put a face to the name... Now... I wonder how many in how many places these guys are reportedly buried? Myths, legends and facts... so interesting!

    1. darn computer... wasn't even spell check that did me wrong... anyway... you get the meaning.

    2. I may have to do some research on where they all ended up.

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    2. I knew what three of them looked liked, but the others were all new to me.