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Friday, July 24, 2015

Empty Space.

There is more empty space in our universe than there is matter. . . gee, I wonder if that is why they call it space? (grin)

Here, I will zoom in on our little section of the universe:

Yep, you are "here" where the arrow points and most of the time so am I (grin).  There is no way we will ever know about or see all of the universe, unless after the "big bang" is through expanding, it starts to shrink back to a pin point.  Then there will be a gigantic explosion and then it will all start all over again.

Yes, there is a lot of empty space out there but there is also a lot of empty space here on earth.  Even the heavy metal lead (you know Barney, what sinkers are made of for fishing) have a lot of space between molecules, atoms, and whatever other tiny particles may exist.  Now, this next statement should make us all feel sort of insignificant.  

Hey we could all fit into an apple, wow!!  That gives one a different way of looking at the apple in the Garden of Eden, doesn't it.

Just because we can be shrunk down to almost nothing doesn't mean that you are not important.  You all are very important to me and I want you to keep all of your empty space, even though some of it may be in our heads (grin).  Now, have a great day, you hear?


  1. Replies
    1. I do have empty space in my head, but I still say so. . .

  2. How in the world did someone figure out that the entire population of the earth could fit inside an apple? I don't know if I "buy" it or not.

    1. Haven't you read that a gamma rays can can pass through our body without hitting anything? We all have a lot of empty space (most of mine in my head), but I believe it to be true. . . although it would be one very heavy apple, in my case a 175 pound apple.

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    1. I love finding and hearing about interesting things, especially in Astronomy and all other sciences.