Wondering about wild grapes

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wondering what these are?

The other day my wife discovered a couple of things in her kitchen that, at first, she wondered what they were.  She showed them to me and of course I “wondered” about them.  Sometimes our first impressions can be wrong and some times they can be right.  Now, I am going to show a couple of pictures and before you read below each one, let us know what your first quick impression was.  Some of you will be right and maybe some will be wrong.  Here is the first picture:

My first impression (and my wife’s, too) was that it is a claw or foot off some kind of animal.  If it were green instead of white, I would be looking for some crashed flying saucers.  I couldn’t understand why it was mostly white and then I realized it was a piece of paper towel that had been wet, probably used to scrub something.  Yep, it is part of a paper towel.  I don’t think you could form that good of a claw if you really tried.  To me, that is what makes it amazing!
OK, are you ready for another one?  This one should be a little easier:

Both my wife and I thought at first it was an old orange peel; that is until we picked it up and felt the weight then we turned it over and this is what we saw:

Yep, it is part of geode.  I, for the life of me, can’t ever remember getting that.  I do not know where it came from or why it just sort of showed up.  OH Yes, now I got it figured out!!  It is part of the flying saucer that crashed and the only remains were the little “white” guy’s hand and a part of the saucer’s outer shell.  Boy am I glad I got that all figured out, now you all have a great day, if you can while watching the sky and your kitchen for little green white men, you hear?


  1. Good Grief Man!! Don’t you know what happens to little green men when their exposed to Earth Atmosphere for too long? They bleach out from breathing all the contaminated air.
    I think you best Contact Jim http://terlinguajim.blogspot.com/ and have him put you in touch with Earl , the official investigator on that project!!

    What ever you do , DO NOT let your dogs out after dark and in fact you best keep a close eye on them in the day light while they’re out side. !

  2. I'd have sworn the first picture was that of some sort of claw. I still can't see paper towel.

  3. You sure do have some strange stuff in your house, Dizzy!

    Hope none of that ends up in your supper tonight!

  4. Ben, I have read about Jim's little green men hunting out in the desert. Funny comment, thanks, I enjoyed it and will take your advice.

    Gypsy, I was amazed when I first saw it and am still amazed. It was NOT human made, just a strange accident.

    Hermit, dang, I am glad I ate supper before I read your comment.