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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wandering to tire place and tooth update.

I got a call yesterday afternoon that the six tires for my RV are in, so will be heading up there this morning to get them installed.  It is raining some and if the ground gets too wet, I will not be able to get back in here the way I usually come in by swinging wide in the field off the driveway.  My drive way comes straight back from the road a hundred yards or so to my gate.  At the gate there is a choice.  You can either make a ninety degree turn to the left or go through the gate then make a sweeping turn to the left.  Since I have to back the RV in beside the house for the electric cable to reach the pole with the 50 amp box, I usually swing wide in the front field and make that ninety degree turn which wraps around and the loop inside the gate.  I pull around like I am heading back out and then just back in.  I don’t know if I come in the other direction if I would have room to turn around.  Either way, it will be back home, whether it is hooked up to 120 power or not.

My tooth (or rather where my tooth was) bled all day yesterday and is seeping a little this morning.  My cheek is swollen.  You see, a small end of one root broke off and it had attached itself to the bone.  It took the dentist a long, long time trying to get it out.  He was just about to give up and was telling me that I would probably have to come back Monday for surgery when, thank goodness, it finally started to loosen up.  Another few minutes and he got it all.  It was the top molar at the very rear of my top jaw.  I am glad it is gone.  I am planning on having a better day today than I did yesterday, so I want you all to have a great day, too, you hear?


  1. Just assuming you are loading up the whole menagerie to go get the tires.

    And about coming back into the drive. The major awning eating tree is gone now, so shoot, pull it straight in . You ain't gonna be able to afford fuel for it after putting the tries on anyway. :-)

  2. Sorry about the tooth issues. About time for me to go back for a cleaning and start working on an implant. Since I'm staying down here for awhile now I may as well go ahead with that.

  3. When one of mine finally turned loose,, it flew across the room. Had been like yours.
    You can't reverse the driving in thang? Park facing the other way? And still plug in. lolol,,,draw me a pic...

  4. Ben, I am just glad I got that tooth out, it was giving me problems. No, it was just me an my Sudoko book.

    Shadow, like I told Ben, I a glad to be rid of it. Get the work done where you are now, will prabably be as good or better than you could get at home and a lot cheaper.

    Trouble, wow that must have been a sight. On the RV, the electric is located on the left rear, and my drive way ends before you get to the electric pole, there for, I have to back in.

  5. Thanks Jill, it seemed to stop bleeding this afternoon. It will be great to be able to eat cold stuff now.