Wondering about wild grapes

Monday, March 5, 2012

It’s Monday and I am wondering.

Yep, I am wondering what this week will bring.  Everything is up in the air until I make some telephone calls.  One thing for sure, I want to get the class-C motor-home down to PPL and up for sell.  I will call them today and make an appointment.  I washed it off and it looks pretty good and only have a few things left to remove from it.  After I get it down there, my calendar for the week opens up and I will then be able to plan other things that need done.
The weather man last night said that rain will be moving in Wednesday night and stick around for three days or so, therefore, if there is anything that needs done outside, I will have to get a jump on it.  I did notice that my son cut the front lot.  It looks a lot better, now I need to cut around my house.  The grass and weeds are getting quite tall.  My poor little dogs are having trouble “going out”, if you know what I mean.
Sorry I don’t have much to say or a good story for you today.  Just wanted to post so you know I am still around.  You all have a good day now, you hear?


  1. If you don't want to mow your area. Come on up and I'll turn you loose in the back on my John Deere. :-) You won't have to push it just sit on the seat and steer.

    Or you can go with me to WallyWorld and get some of the same grass and weed killer I'm picking up. I think it's really Agent Orange for home use. Kills anything you spay it on.

  2. I've noticed that East TX land can turn into impassable jungle if given half a chance.

  3. Ben, Since my Farmall tractor quit on me a few years ago, I only cut a little less than two acres around the house with a push rotary mower. It gives me a lot of exercise.

    6bears, that is correct, I used to have all my place trimmed and looking like a park. . . not now.

  4. That's the reason I pay someone else to mow around Mom's house! Small compared to yours, but I just don't want to do it!

    Good luck on the RV trip (to the sellers)...

  5. Hermit, the mowed part of my yard seems to be getting smaller every year. Wonder what the reason for that is (grin)