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Friday, March 2, 2012

As my friend said “Blog material you didn’t need”.

My friend was right, this is blog material that I didn’t need or want.  Yesterday, late in the noon hour, we started out to the post office, but before we got into the Jeep, we heard sirens approaching.  The emergency vehicles turned on to the road we live off of, so we waited to see where they were heading.  The first fire truck stopped at the fourth house past my driveway to the east.  Then I could see the smoke coming from their house.  The owners of this house own the property that borders part of the east edge of my place, close to where my son has his place.
It sounded like more fire fighting support was on the way, so we headed on down to the post office.  On our way back, we went the long way around the block and came past the site of the fire.  It didn’t look good, smoke was coming out the eves all around the roof and there must have been close to a dozen emergency vehicles there.
We got past and pulled in to my place and parked.  My wife and I walked down toward my son’s place to get a better look.  Although it looked like it had not flared up too bad, it sure didn’t look good.  Lots of smoke, crackling and some loud “bangs” were coming from the inside.  The heat must have been exploding stuff and maybe ammunition or fireworks were going off.  Don’t know what exactly was exploding.  We walked back up to our house to get my camera, but just then my son’s girl friend and her father came driving up the driveway from my son’s house.  They said that they were there feeding his animals.  We got talking and they wanted to see the new motor-home, so I didn’t get pictures.
I always hate to see or hear of homes burning.  Even if everyone escapes along with the pets, things are lost that can never be replaced.  The home that burned was not a big expensive place but it was someone’s castle.  I don’t know the people that live there, don’t even know their name.  I do know that the man is or was a guard at the Huntsville prison.  Hope to find out more about it today.
Now you all have a great day, you hear?


  1. Like you I always hate to hear the sirens out here. Sorry your neighbor's place burned. Maybe go down and see if there is anything they need right now to get by.
    I am glad it wasn't your sons place.

    As you know I live somewhat remote and the sirens always get my attention. The thought of fire here scares me . I have altered my routines and preparedness to protect me as much as I can. Simple things like when I finish with the cook top I check each burner to make sure it's off. Same with the oven. I never leave a candle burning if I'm not sitting here with it. I replace my smoke detectors batteries ever year and do test them on occasion.

    Go down as soon as you can to the neighbor and see if you can help. Take a meal down with you.

  2. It horrifies me about a home burning. Ours did when i was in the 3rd grade, and i still have to see where a fire is, if i'm not home.

  3. We had a house fire in the 1980's and every part of it suffered fire, smoke and water damage. To tell the truth, I sort of resented people coming up, especially in front of my kids, and snapping pictures. Looking back, I was a little overly sensitive.

  4. Ben, may do that but I don't know where they are staying.

    Trouble, it scares me, too. Especially if we go shopping and leave the dogs at home. Can't have anything happen to our babies.

    Gypsy, actually I wanted to get picture of all the emergency vehicles.

  5. First thing I thought of as I began reading your article was "start hosing down your own house.". That might sound selfish, but his house was already being covered by the Firemen. Of course, I don't know exactly how close you are to his house so it may not have been a concern. I just know how quickly those things (fires) can jump to other structures. Glad everyone is safe.

  6. The only house fire I ever had was my own fault. I decided to burn a cord of wood in my homemade coal stove. Got a creosote in the vent what catched the roof on fire. I put the fire out with freon before the fire dept. ever arrived. Then they went in the attic....that when the destruction began. Two big feets hang'n through the sheetrock, gallons of water pour'n down out the attic all over our liv'n room furnature, bushes trampled outside.....sheesh! Then the had the audacity to tell me I had to pay for their services.

  7. Shadow, of course.

    Orange Jeep Dad, I have 12 acres, 4 to 5 of which is swamp, the drought is over, and the wind was blowing the other way so there was no danger here. Back during the drought, I kept the motor-home ready to flee.

    BB, you would have been better off not calling them, and yes, they charge you here, too, even though they call themselves volunteers.