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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wondering about waist veggie oil

One of the blogs I follow is http://sixbearsinthewoods.blogspot.com/ and he has converted his truck and his new repurposed ambulance to run on waste vegetable oil.  From what I understand from reading his blogs, he usually gets it for free from restaurants and fast food places.  It is a good system and makes good use of the used vegetable oils.  I have heard of this before, in fact I saw a TV show where someone had converted a Class-C diesel motor-home to run on vegetable oil.  As far as I understand it (and that isn’t very far) the biggest problem is keeping it in liquid form in cold weather.  Of course there is some converting to do and tank heaters to install, but as long as you can get access to free used veggie oil, it is a great way to save money and still have fuel for powering a vehicle.
Of course other people and industries want used vegetable oil for their purposes.  I just heard the other day that the companies that make bars of soap are the biggest consumers of waste vegetable oil.  So, I guess people with waste oil powered vehicles have a little competition from big businesses which can afford to pay more for it if it ever gets scarce.  Although with the number of fast food places, I doubt that it will ever come to that.
You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. Fast food shops, donut shops, fish joints...all good sources!

    Bet the exhaust smells good!

  2. Yep HJ, the exhaust would make a good advertisement, it would make me hungry.

  3. Dizzy? You talking about the oil that goes to your WAIST or used cooking oil? WASTE? Sorry, couldn't resist. :-)

  4. Well Dizzy, I think ya already nailed it....waste cook'n oil is scarce. It ain't like it used to be when ya could get all ya want. Now ya gotta, in some places, bid for it. Or wait in line. The cost of equipment and the fuel to obtain waste cooking oil outweighs the cost at the pumps. Don't know what effect the new "fat free" cook'n oil would have on a diesel engine, but I do know it tastes and smells like petroleum based oil. Government intervention ya know.

  5. BEN, I never could spell very well and suppose that oil goes both places.

    BB I know that it is scarce around my house, the oil we use all comes from olives (for cooking and on salads)