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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Swamp Update – After the Rain.

Yesterday I took a walk around the swamp.  What a difference from last summer, since for awhile, there wasn’t a damp spot in it anywhere.  Now it is within two feet of spilling over.  It is the fullest I have seen it in a few years.  OK, yes I got pictures and as the wise man said, pictures are worth a thousand words.  So, here are some pictures that I took yesterday.
This first one is of the “old” part looking north-west:

From same location looking more to the north:

Moving to the north and looking to the west:

Standing at the north end looking to the south:

Moving to the west and looking back to the south-east:

I walked on to the west looking south and this is the “newer” part.  By new, I mean I dug a deep hole in this area after I moved on to the place.  The swamp is so full now you can not tell where the “hole” is.

The frogs were so happy last night that they were singing to the top of their lungs.  I love the night sounds here this time of the year.  It relaxes me more than anything else can do.  Now you all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. Dang!!! Lake Dizzy is looking good!! :-)
    BTW you do know what water snakes favorite food is? YEP, frogs!! Supply and demand, I'm just saying , maybe you need to put on your big ole snakebite proof boots before you go wandering again.

  2. This swamp has raised its share of cotton mouths and a lot of non-poisonous ones as well. The drought seemed to put an end to that and a lot of other swamp life, but I do know it will come back real fast, especially the snakes.

  3. and you want to go park somewhere else?

  4. Maybe you should get a pet alligator! Looks like the type of place they would fit right in!

    Just think how exciting that would be! Might put a little spring in your step when walking around the pond!

  5. Trouble, good question. Yes, I love it here but I also like to see new and different places and visit friends and relatives.

    Hermit, since there are gators in both Lake Conroe and Lake Livingston and in a bunch of small lakes all around, I have been lucky not to have any here so far. They would eat all the fish.

  6. all is right in the world when frogs sing. The peepers are out here in PA..just love them!

  7. Jill, you are sure right that all is well when the frogs are singing.

  8. Well it sure looks like a swamp is supposed to look DD and it looks pretty good to me...