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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wondering if it will be a Wet Dog Day

Today is dog grooming day.  All three have an appointment this morning.  It seems it rains or threatens to rain the last few months on the day of their appointments.  Even a freshly groomed dog that has to go “out” when it is raining gets un-groomed rather quickly, like in seconds.  They not only get wet, but they pick up every leaf, every seed pod, anything that will stick and get tangled in their long hair.   Oh well, since the front hit here at 07:30, maybe it will be out of here before the pups are ready to come home.  My oldest one is so very scared of thunder or anything that goes bang or boom.  She just shakes uncontrollably.  The TV guy is predicting 2 to 4 inches.  I would think that this front will finally bring the drought to an official end.  I would have figured that the last heavy rain that we had would have done that, but the number crunchers say no.  I guess it doesn’t matter how wet the ground is, or how many streets are flooded in Houston, but if the number of inches don’t reach some magic number, it ain’t over.  As far as I am concerned, it was over here the last big rain we had.
Don’t have much to say this morning, but since I got in trouble causing some worry among other bloggers when I couldn’t post for a couple of days, I will try to post even if I don’t have anything to say.  But, as you can see, I can say nothing and still use a lot of words.  That sounds like the definition of a politician.  Oh please!!!  NO – NO!!  Not me!
You all have a good day today and if you live in central or east Texas, try to keep your powder dry, you hear?


  1. Off the wall Idea about the clipped dogs.. Wrap them in saran wrap till they dry out or your yard does. :-)

    BTW, my rain is letting up now , and the swollen creeks, streams, and rivers are full and it's all running down hill. Figer it'll take 3 days to get down to your area. So watch for it!! :-)

  2. I think you got it a lot worse than I am getting it. And thanks a lot for sending all the water down this way. Bet the Trinity River will be high and wide.

  3. I was thinking that this stuff was going to stick around a while, but if it wants to leave early...that's OK by me!

    I can see where the problem with the dogs could be big during a time like this! Sure can mess up a good grooming!

  4. Join the "nothing to say" club. lolol.
    Lots of rain here, high water everywhere. AND, it's there for you now.

  5. Rain is a wonderful and necessary thing, and it's ironic how quickly you can get your fill of it.

  6. I'm glad Brownie is a short hair -a lot less hassle.

    My father-in-law's catfish pond was flooded before the last rain, so this should really cause it to overflow.

  7. Hermit, I am sure glad I got the dogs’ yard cut the other day or they would be a real mess now. I use a bag and “sweep” up all the seed pods from the oak trees, and of course the clippings.

    Trouble, It seems I use more words to say nothing when I have nothing to say. . . or what-ever. Yep, we got the rain. A bucket sitting outside filled up,.

    Gypsy, we have had several years of really dry weather and it has been a couple of decades since it has been “East Texas Wet” here. Water table has dropped considerably.

    Sixbears, the older female that had to be shaved last month, doesn’t look bad that way and she seems to like it. Maybe we will keep her hair short.

    Hope your farther-in-law didn’t loose any fish out of his pond. As long as it over flows over the dam it should be OK. If the dam burst, you loose everything.