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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wandering to other sites.

I want to thank all my new followers.  I hope that I will not be a disappointment to you.  I have been known to be the cause of a few disappointments throughout my life and have been disappointed a few times my self by my self or by others or about things in general.  But, I always try to look at the bright side, you know, like what my Dad used to tell me, “Nothing is so bad it can’t get worse”!!!  Yeh, I know, I mentioned that before.  I have posted 588 times and I am old, you don’t expect me to remember everything that I have posted in the past.  Sometimes I don’t remember what I just posted.
Speaking of past postings, I went back the other day and looked at some of them.  I think my blog has been slowly declining in the quality of its contents.  I guess I need to get out and about, take some more trips, do something different other than going to doctors, dentists, etc.  There are so many fabulous, entertaining, and educational blogs out there I am so blessed with all you who follow and comment.  I appreciate you all very much and it keeps me wanting to keep up my blog and try to make it more interesting and fun and maybe a little educational.
I am spending some time joining other sites as a follower.  You all, each and every one of you, have such interesting things to share.  There are so many, that if I read all of them that I wanted to every day, I would get nothing else done and thus have nothing new to blog about; kind of catch 22 thing.  I am going to go read and maybe join some more blogs, so you all have a great day now, you hear


  1. Hard to keep things interesting every day. Believe me, I know!

    Many times ideas just have a way of popping up a,d other times you have to work for them!

    Just hang in there, buddy! We would miss ya if you weren't here!

  2. You always seem to find ordinary things that are so interesting when you look at them in a slightly different way. Please keep writing about them. I sometimes think it's more difficult to come up with comments to a lot of blogs each day than it is to write a blog entry yourself.

  3. Just what do you think you would do if you didn't do a blog???,,,lollololol,,You can't STOP! It's addictive!! Even when you don't have anything to say, like me, i still.... keep on keeping on...

  4. o yeah, where's the pics of the newly clipped ones?

  5. Dizzy, I've been following your blog ever since you started and I enjoy every one. We would miss you if you didn't post every day. Keep it up.

  6. You caint quit!! You got too many stories to tell.

  7. Hermit, yes it is hard keeping things interesting, but you sure know how do do it.

    Gypsy, thanks, I try to be different. Yes it can be difficult to comment and to answer comments, which I always try to do.

    Trouble, no I will try to keep going. You all have seen plenty of pictures of my pups. I will ask them if they want there pictures taken.

    Papoojack, wow, thanks for sticking with me. Guess I haven't scared you off yet.

    Ben, I never said that I was going to quit. You know that you are responsible for getting me started blogging?

  8. You are younger than me! How can you be old?

  9. TFT, there are a lot of people younger than me who seem and act a lot older than I do.

  10. Sorry DD, I did think you were a year or two younger, I thankyou for your comment on TFT and can now better understand your thoughts on age. My father passed away at the age of 61 so I know where you're coming from with your thinking.
    And remember, I've been urging you to provision your new motorhome, pack the dogs and your wife in and just take off... nothing else matters except you having quality time doing what you really enjoy or might enjoy and haven't. The house and the property will still need maintenance whether you're there or not and hey, who cares... just get out there DD and do it!