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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wandering to Leggett to meet Sixbears

Sorry I missed a couple of days’ blogging, but I had loaded Window’s 7 on both our laptops and it refused to find the Wi-Fi hot spots.  Neither would it accept my Verizon air card.  I will have to do some checking on this problem before I hit the road the next time.
We usually have some problem pop up and this trip was no exception.  Somehow the key in the ignition of the Jeep didn’t get turned far enough to unlock the steering and the front wheels were turned slightly to the left.  After we had gone over 20 miles or so a truck past us and the guy pointed down and back.  OK, I figured something was amiss, so I pulled over.  I walked all around the RV and couldn’t see anything.  Then I noticed the front tires on the Jeep had the tread ripped off of them on right side of the tire.  That is when I discovered the problem.  I think I will purchase two new tires and put the least damaged one on as a spare.  My spare looks new but it is 8 years old and weather cracked.
We got to Eagles Rest RV Park late in the afternoon on Thursday.  It is very nice and the people who run it are fantastic.  It has a stocked lake with bass, catfish, and everything else.  It also has shooting ranges for both a rifle and handguns.  The shorter handgun shooting range has retrievable targets on wire pulleys so you don’t have to walk down the range to retrieve them.
After we arrived we telephoned Sixbears and he said that he would be free the next morning and he and his lovely wife would come see us at the park.  My wife and I were excited about meeting them and since they live in New Hampshire, I would doubt that we would bump into them very often.
First I will show you some roses growing at the park:

And looking past the roses at my RV:

The next day was wonderful.  Sixbears, his wife, and dog Brownie came for our face to face visit.  It was just so fantastic meeting such wonderful and interesting people.  After the first few words out of his mouth, I new that I would really like that guy.  The only down side of the visit was two of our three dogs did not care for visitors.  I was so ashamed at my “children” for their almost constant barking.  I sure hope they didn’t upset our three guests.  Brownie was just so good, whish our dogs would have been.  They just are not used to getting company.
Anyway, how about some pictures?  Here is the Sixbears family:

And of course I had to get in one of the pictures:

And there perfectly behaved dog, Brownie:

We had no problem getting home yesterday afternoon.  Even swung into the flea market and I picked up a great book on birds.  All told, it was a great few days and if you ever have a chance to meet Sixbears and his family, do so.  They are just fantastic people.  Now you all have a great day today, you hear?


  1. Hope you learned your lesson!! DON'T ever leave town without telling someone.. (Sorry bout the panicky phone message on your phone.) :-)

    Glad you got the new Wheeled Castle out for a real shake down. Did you make a list of the things you forgot to load on board? :-)

    Git online and find the updates you need to make your internet work, we'll wait.

  2. Sure glad you had the chance to met up with Sixbears and his wife!

    Always nice to put a face with the blog! Wonder why we don't all get together more?

    Let us know what you figure out on the internet problem, OK?

  3. Glad your trip went well, and that you got to meet Sixbears and his wife. I don't think I realized he was from way up in New Hampshire. Or maybe I just forgot. I'll be heading that way before long, although not as far as NH.

  4. Ben, next time I head out I will let you know, that is if someone reminds me (grin).

    HJ, Yes it is nice to meet a blogger face to face. You are the second closest one to me, Lake Conroe Penny is the clsoest. I have met Penny, need to meet you.

    Gypsy, I usually go to Pennsylvania every year, but never get up to New England. How far to the north east are you going?

  5. I see you r-u-n-n-o-f-t without telling your fellow bloggers. I was going to give you a call, myself. But glad to hear you got your rolling stock a rolling and had a good time. Beagles got to be one of the best good-natured dogs, makes the rest of us look look cranky.

  6. Trouble, I thought that I would have been able to get on the internet and do my blog. Didn't work out that way.

    Jimkabob, I will get in to the Verizon store this week and see why my air card will not work. I have had it for years and it has worked from Arizona to Pennsylvania and everywhere in between.

  7. My Honduran TIGO USB stick works fine with Windows 7. :)

  8. Shadow, do you have to change any settings? It worked fine with all my other operating systems.

  9. My lovely wife and I had a great vist! Your dogs didn't bother us at all. Time just flew by.

    We are back visiting my dad in Florida and had a safe trip back.

    If you ever wander up to New England, let us know.

    All the best.

  10. Sixbears, it was all my pleasure. Really enjoyed our visit.