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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wondering how many good people there are?

Sometimes, in this hectic and selfish world where it seems that most everyone has blinders on and only think of them selves, a story comes to light showing just how wrong the first part this sentence is.  Something happened to my cousin and he sent me an email telling me about it.  I am going to cut and past his email below for you all to read, enjoy, and feel good.  Here it is:

A story about truth in advertizing:
Yesterday I had to do a service call at a branch bank in a small town up near West Virginia. The AC unit was up on the flat roof of the building and after I got my big extension ladder finally in place, I climbed up and found there was nothing to tie the ladder off to, just a flat roof and not even a plumbing vent. It was a nice sunny day so I went to the ac unit, pulled off a panel and was doing what I came to do when it suddenly got very windy. I was trying to keep the panel from blowing away when I heard a loud crash. I knew right away the wind had blown the ladder over in the parking lot and had probably came down on someone's BMW or worse, somebody. I went to the edge and saw it had fallen in a parking space where one of the bank tellers had just pulled out of just minutes before. I was glad it didn't hit anything or anybody. Then I realized I'm stuck up here on the roof. What are you going to do? Call the fire dept to get you down? Damn! I'm too old for this type of work. Just then this old guy with a Vietnam Veteran cap on came walking (limping) across the parking lot.  He said he heard the ladder fall and he'd try to set it back up for me, but it was too heavy so I had him throw the rope up and I pulled the top up while he set the bottom of the ladder. I thanked him, I was really grateful and wanted to get down and shake his hand and thank him proper, but by the time I got the ladder steady and climbed down, he was gone.    I finished up, loaded up and headed out of town. On the way out I saw a large mural  painted on the side of one of the buildings in town, it said "Pearisburg, Small Town, Good People!"

Now didn’t get give you a pleasant glow and warm feeling?  It did me.  That sign was true, there was truth in that advertising!  Now you all have a great day and see if you can give someone a needed hand today, you hear?


  1. Does falling ladders only happen to air conditioning servicemen? Or could it happen to anyone? I've been stranded on more roofs fix'n somebody's a/c than I can remember. Not all times is there a nice "vet" around to give a helping hand. Yay to a vet.

  2. Given half a chance, I think most people want to cooperate instead of compete.

  3. I've noticed that when you look for good people, you find good people. They have always been around, but when you open your eyes you see they are everywhere. I want to be one of the good ones.

  4. BB, yes it happens to others with varying results. I tip my hat to that vet.

    Sixbears, most but some don't want to get involved.

    Trouble, I would hope every one passes on good actions.

    Gypsy, yes you are right. Sometimes you are the good person and sometimes you need the good person.