Wondering about wild grapes

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wondering if my tablet would do.

First off, I promised yesterday to show you my steeringwheel table mounted to my steering wheel.  Here is the first picture:

See, it does attach and seems pretty sturdy, too.  Do you see that small white fence in the upper left of the picture?  This one:

That is where my beloved dog, Buttons, is buried. Sure do miss that dog; she was special. Here is a link to my old blog when I told about her: http://dizzydick.blogspot.com/2010/12/remembering-buttons.html

Now, that I have tears in my eyes, I will try to continue. Another picture of the table mounted on the wheel:

I really don’t see the need for it, will probably never use it. Then again, on those long straight stretches of west Texas interstate roads, I could eat lunch while driving on down the road (grin).

Now, to the subject I am wondering about. I have never tried to use my tablet to post a blog. I have used it to read and to comment on blogs. I may just try to use it for tomorrow’s blog. It will probably be short, since it doesn’t have a full size keyboard on it. I may even try to post pictures with it. Trouble is, when you plug a something into it, it downloads everything on the memory device, whether it is a thumb drive or an sd card or chip. That will give me something to figure out. I am not used to Android operating systems.

The weather man got it all wrong last night. It was predicted to be 37 degrees this morning and back when I got up it was 57 degrees. Suppose to be in the 70’s the rest of this week and weekend. Not bad for winter weather. You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. Shoot maybe once you get your ham antennas mounted you can put one radio there and call for help while you're sitting beside the road with a flat tire? :-) Bet your Morse code keypad would rest on it just fine.

  2. I'll be interested to know just how the tablet works out! I've been thinking of either a tablet or a laptop. Just can't decide!

    Of course, it would be mostly for emergencies, ya know?

    Keep us posted!