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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wondering how bad the storm is going to be.

Going to try to get this blog published before the big storm hits. So far, the TV says we are under tornado warning (not a watch but a warning) and strait line winds of 70 mph or more and possible hail. It should be here in a few minutes, so I will keep this rather short. I hope that there will be minimal damage and that no one gets injured.

When I had the RV out the end of last week, my wife asked me just how wide it was inside. I, therefore, got out my trusty 12 foot tape and hooked it on one side. It didn’t reach to the other side, but ended on the back of the couch. I put my finger at that point and measured another 4 inches. So, at the widest point, my RV when opened up is 12’-4” wide inside. Quite a difference from our Class-C that didn’t have any slides.

You all have a good day and for any of you in the path of this storm, I hope it leaves you untouched.


  1. Hoping the storms break up before they reach you.

    I had to read your measurements of the MH twice!! The first thought I had was . WOW!! That's bigger than most car lanes on the road. THEN I figured out you were parked with the slides out.. WHEW, I was seeing carnage all over the highways and byways. :-)

  2. Ben' it is 8'-6" wide over the outside, not counting mirrors, when going down the road.

  3. Your 12 ft and a few fingers reminds me of one of my Mothers measurements a few decades ago. Two yard sticks and 8 inches, while measuring curtains.

  4. I hope ya'll made it through the storms safely,i know how scary they can be. Blessings Jane

  5. Bob, Two yard sticks and 8 inches is better than the ancient days when they used the length of the forearm (a cubit), and not everyone’s was the same.

    Jane, we got spared the worst parts but got a goodly amount of needed rain. All in all, it did more good here than hurt.

  6. Got the good rain here as well! Pretty high winds there for a while, but nothing too bad!

    We needed the rain and I'm glad that there wasn't that much damage here in the neighborhood!

    Lots of room to move around inside the RV. Seems more like a home, I reckon!

  7. HJ, I am glad that most of us didn't get the rough weather that a few did. Yes, we did need the rain. There is a lot of room when the four slides are open but going down the road it is four feet less wide. Still enough room for me if I don't keep eating that Blue Bell icecream.