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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wandering to Country Place RV Park.

There are a couple of RV parks within less than three miles of my place, but in my opinion, this one is the nicest.  Just in case you are passing through my area, their telephone number is 1-800-360-2854 or 936-264-2854 and here is a link to their site:   www.countryplacervpark.com 
I have been there before a few times to get propane for my RVs but had never stayed there.  It is family owned and the people are helpful and friendly.
Now, the pictures that I promised.  The lighting was not good and brighter window areas screwed up the auto light settings on my camera, so the interior pictures are somewhat grainy and not too good, but they are all that I have.  This first one is my wife and our male Shih-Tzu on the curb side couch.  It,
of course, was taken looking toward the front of the coach:

And this one is looking toward the rear: 

Of course our oldest, Muffy, always enjoys an outing, especially when she has a couch to herself:

This is the outside taken of the driver’s side: 

And this one is of the curb side:

And back inside, the two oldest puppies on the smaller couch:

This park has a nature trail and three lakes that you can fish in; this is one of them:

I walked up to the end of the row where I was parked in the number 1 spot and took a picture looking back at my RV just to let you know that it was not very crowded:

Actually, four RV’s came in Friday evening. Three of them were really nice, big motor-homes. One had unusual coloring, so it stood out from the rest and got my attention. No, I didn’t think to take a picture of it.
We enjoyed our stay and got home on Saturday in time to go to the flea market. It is nice to start doing some of things we like to do. You all have a great day now, you hear:


  1. Boy howdy that is one fine look'n house. My hopes are that you get to use it many times this year. Ya ain't get'n no younger ya know. When I first got my "Sally da house", I put the slide out and says...."holy crap, I can dance in here". But after see'n your dance floor, mine seems so little. Thanks for the pics.
    Oh, by the way, are you considering a name yet?

  2. Very nice DD. I am very impressed and a little rv-envious. I am always glad to see happy doggies, too!

    1. Dang that thing is fancy with tons of room.

      I saw one about that big,But I think the ladies driving it were in business. Had pink and red velvet all inside and mood lighting and soft music piped in. There was one lady that kept track of when the guys came in and how long they stayed. Had a direct line to run a credit card for services rendered. :-)

  3. The only picture of the RV that came through on my computer is the one looking toward the rear. My! That is one nice looking interior! So spacious and comfortable. I hope you have many great trips in it.

  4. That's one fine RV ya have there Dizzy!

  5. You wont ever want to leave your new HOME..Thx for the pics,,,finally,,,lololol.

  6. Billy Bob, thank you and I sure do want to use it more than I did the other one. We will get to gether and have a square dance, how’s that sound?

    Michael, you will get one soon, I am sure. And happy dogs are a lot better than “mad” dogs!!

    Ben, not on my bus (grin). My wife wouldn’t like it.

    Gypsy, I posted 8 pics, 6 of the MH. Sorry that you could only see the second picture. I have no idea why.

    SciFi, I thank you, I like it. It still has some bugs to work out, but almost everything works as it is suppose to. It is a used one, but not too old. Only had 29,000 miles on it. I will do a lot more than that, I hope.

    Trouble, Glad I made you happy. Did me good to get it out for awhile. Got to do a couple of things, then head out for a real trip.

    1. Beautiful house there DD, but you need a chopper to haul on the roof so you can see them hard to get to places.

  7. Wow, that's a BIG bus DD, I hope you're happy and get out lots with it...

  8. David, how about one of those remote control small helicopters with a camera. A lot cheaper, right?

    Kieth, wasn't planning on one that size but we fell in love with it. I want to travel as much as I can.