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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wondering about Irony

I love irony and it happens all around you and me more often than it should. You all have had ironic things happen to you and around you and I am no exception and neither is the sciences. I have wanted to upgrade to a Class-A motor-home for a long time and then when the opportunity came and I did get one, brought it home on Nov. 29th and haven’t had a chance to go anywhere in it because of work. I had hardly any work all year, only 162 hours spread over 11 months. That averages out to less than two days of work a month. Then from the end of November, I had been working seven days a week.

Another ironic thing is starting a stronger blood pressure medication and at first, my BP went up. BTW, it is acting OK now.

In the world of astronomy there is also lots of irony. I was reading in Astronomy magazine about huge amounts of water surrounding the dusty disk of a young star. They found enough water to “fill thousands of oceans”. This dusty disk is what is called a protoplanetary cloud and will eventually coalesce to form planets and such. Therefore, it is assumed that this is not a rare thing and there may be many star systems out there with wet earth like planets. This ring of water could find its way to earth like planets by way of meteors passing through the water and then impacting the planet.

OK, you ask, “What is the irony of this story?” This protoplanetary system was found in the constellation of Hydra (the water snake). The prefix of hydra is used in reference to water. OK, it was ironic to me, what do you think? Let me hear some of the things you think are ironic.

You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. Maybe the ancients knew something that we didn't? Pretty ironic that those two should be together!

    Thanks for the info, my friend!

  2. It's a shame the ancients didn't have a way of recording for posterity all the things they knew about mathematics, astronomy, engineering, etc.

  3. You say your BP is ok? Like,,,what's ok? Just don't know about you, DD. lol. But i have been really concerned.

  4. I agree is ironic! Better keep a close ck on the bp! Blessings Jane

  5. HJ, I like to find irony in everything, but some things just don't have any.

    Hey Gypsy, I am ancient and I am leaving a record (grin).

    Trouble, It is averaging about 130/74.

    Jane, I sure thought it was and I am taking my BP four times a day and then I can graph it.

  6. This may fall under diabolical more than ironic. In PA when you buy a new car you pay large taxes on that car. Every time that car is sold as a used car, the buyer has to pay taxes on the value ( blue book) of that car again. this goes on every time the car changes hands. seems to me the large tax collected at the first sale should be the end of it. I know that the tax money isn't being spent on PA roads...PenDot is a swear word in these parts!

  7. Jill, it sounds like the State has a good thing going there, tax the same item over and over and over. It seems you all have a lot state taxes. Here in Texas we only have a state sales tax, the county and schools tax your real estate, and that is it.